Tuesday, January 13, 2009

John Lennon - News of the Day

Label: Vigotone, VT-CD 02

1. How Do You Sleep (alternate extended version)
2. Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Talking (piano demo-early vers. of 'Nobody Told Me')
3. Nobody Told Me (rough mix)
4. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (acoustic demo)
5. Sally & Billy (piano demo)
6. Whatever Happened To... (acoustic demo)
7. Stepping Out (acoustic demo)
8. Oh! Yoko (alt. vers.)
9. New York City (acoustic demo)
10. Woman (acoustic demo)
11. Out The Blue (rough mix - alt. vocal)
12. Mother (alt. take)
13. Beautiful Boy (acoustic demo-double-tracked guitar)
14. Make Love, Not War (piano demo - early prototype of 'Mind Games')
15. I Found Out (acoustic demo - vers. 1)
16. The News Of The Day (From Reuters, off-the-cuff Dylan parody)
17. Well (Baby Please Don't Go) (Imagine era studio jam)

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