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Mystical One: George Harrison After the Break-Up of the Beatles

by Elliot J. Huntley

This biography covers the years 1969 to the present day and celebrates George Harrison's career as both a musician and independent film producer. Mystical One focuses on the music found in the solo albums that Harrison released from 1970, his sporadic tours and live appearances, his work with The Traveling Wilburys, and the fascinating catalogue of unreleased songs lying in his vaults, and his latest record, Brainwashed. The book also delves into the personal life of the least written about Beatle, covering such fascinating episodes as the high profile break-up of his marriage to Pattie Boyd and the "My Sweet Lord" plagiarism case, the reformation of The Beatles and his battles with cancer, plus the traumatic events of 1999 that saw him nearly killed by a mad intruder into his Oxfordshire home. This is the very first in-depth critique of George Harrison's solo career leading up to the days of his untimely death on the 29th November 2001.

Elliot J. Huntley is a writer based in Sheffield, England.


Dublin in the fab oul' times
Irish Independent - Dublin,Ireland
After tracing most of these roots in the opening chapter, it's straight into action with The Beatles' first, and indeed only, appearance here -- at the ...

Last chance to see painted pigs
BBC News - UK
Different artists painted the pigs - one was decorated by Peter Blake who designed the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper album cover, another has been painted ...

At 62, he's still Sunshine Superman
London Free Press - Canada
And while folks at the festival seemed more interested in asking him about the '60s -- mostly about his pals in the Beatles -- that was OK too. ...

100 albums you need to own
Vancouver Sun - British Columbia, Canada
To this point, the Beatles largely released variations on the "boy-meets-girl" theme, which made them the largest band in the Western world, ...

Ottawa: eBay seller spins top title
Ottawa Citizen - Ontario, Canada
After realizing that eBay buyers would pay upwards of $1000 for his copy of The Beatles' Abbey Road record, Mr. Oehmen opened Honest Reds Records. ...

Great Beatles Covers
IGN - Brisbane,CA,USA
Covering The Beatles is even more risky—and in most cases, should probably never be attempted in the first place. It's almost sacrilegious to presume you ...

The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour Memories

The Magical Mystery Tour was the first Beatles film project following the death of Manager Brian Epstein in August 1967. The film was unscripted as various ‘ordinary’ people travelled on a charabanc bus, having ‘magical’ adventures en route. The movie soundtrack was released in the UK in December 1967 and in 1968 received a Grammy Award for the best album reaching the coveted #1 slot in the US for eight weeks.

The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour Memories is an upbeat rockumentary film featuring the vivid memories of those who witnessed the making of the cult Beatle movie, The Magical Mystery Tour, in 1967 and features a celebrity cast along with anecdotal stories and unseen 8mm home movie footage, as well as eye-witness accounts from fans, on-lookers and the cast of the movie.

Featuring Tony Barrow (Beatles press officer), Mike McCartney (Paul McCartney’s brother), Miranda Ward (journalist and friend of the Fab Four), Spencer Davis (Spencer Davis Group), Tony Bramwell (Beatles road manager and close friend of Sir Paul McCartney), Neil Innes (Bonzo Dog Do Da Band), Freda Kelly (principal secretary to the Beatles Fan Club), Dame Peggy Spencer (choreographer), and Victor Spinetti (actor and close friend of John Lennon), sharing their memories with Victor supplying a fascinating commentary to the film.

“This is a happy, upbeat film” comments David Lambert, producer and director of Arthouse Pictures, who produced the movie. “Probably the last time the Fab Four were all still getting along.” Keith Badman (author and Beatles expert) said “I have seen the rough cut screener and can’t wait to see the finished programme. It is fantastic.”

This film is a must have for all Beatles fans worldwide and an opportunity to look back fondly at the heady days of the swinging 60s.

Bonus Features: Beatles related stories from Mike McCartney, Freda Kelly, Spencer Davis, Victor Spinetti, Tony Bramwell and Miranda Ward.

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Revolution in the Head: The Beatles' Records and the Sixties

by Ian MacDonald

This “Bible of the Beatles” captures the iconic band’s magical and mysterious journey from adorable teenagers to revered cultural emissaries. In this fully updated version, each of their 241 tracks is assessed chronologically from their first amateur recordings in 1957 to their final “reunion” recording in 1995. It also incorporates new information from the Anthology series and recent interviews with Paul McCartney. This comprehensive guide offers fascinating details about the Beatles’ lives, music, and era, never losing sight of what made the band so important, unique, and enjoyable.

Ian MacDonald was a songwriter, a record producer, and the author of The Beatles at No. 1, The New Shostakovich, and The People’s Music. He died in 2003.

“A triumph—compelling, seductive, delightful.” —Nick Hornby, author, High Fidelity

“A brilliant electrical storm of a book.” —Newsweek

“The most astute piece of Fabs exegesis ever published—brilliant on the group’s triumphs, refreshingly scathing about its shortcomings . . . One of the twenty greatest rock & roll books.” —Blender

“The finest piece of fabs scholarship ever published.” —Mojo


Now Ringo wants fans' help - New Zealand
The former Beatles drummer has issued an appeal on his website asking the public to select the best photograph taken from the audience during his recent ...

What is the best song with the silliest lyric? - UK
The Beatles: walruses on acid. Photograph: AP I was listening to Donna Summer's disco version of Macarthur Park the other night - a song that I must have ...

Beatles watches due to roll out in 09 - Hertford,England,UK
One of the largest watch companies in the UK, Zeon has been licensed by Caroline Mickler Ltd, the firm in charge of implementing the Beatles brand licensing ...

The Fab 4 join Cirque du Soleil in 'All Together Now'
Poughkeepsie Journal - Poughkeepsie,NY,USA
By John W. Barry • Poughkeepsie Journal • October 17, 2008 Maintaining a lasting legacy launched in Liverpool, The Beatles have joined forces with Cirque Du ...

E-mail highlights 5 Beatles songs that shaped, changed music in '60s
Grand Junction Sentinel - Grand Junction,CO,USA
I took longer to write on your Beatles challenge, I could never get it down to five, the least I could do was 10. So I tried to look at it from my ...

August 30, 1965 - Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles

Taped: Monday 30 August 1965

The last night of their nine days in Beverly Hills. Their second concert at the Bowl was a success and was (like its predecessor) taped by Capitol Records for a possible future live record. The group gave a pool-side party for the dozen or so press men and women who had accompanied them on the tour.

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Before He Was Fab: George Harrison's First American Visit

by Jim Kirkpatrick

Just as the Beatles were gaining popularity in England, George Harrison visited his sister Louise in the US. While visiting Southern Illinois, George found out that the Beatles had achieved record sales of their new hit, "She Loves You," in England. George purchased one of the guitars he later used to play with the Beatles while in Southern Illinois. While here, he played with a local group, The Four Vests, at a VFW where it was said that George might make a good group member. The first Beatles record ever played in the US was played in Southern Illinois during George's visit. Before He Was Fab recounts these events - and much more! With the help of George's sister, Louise, Jim Kirkpatrick has extensively researched George Harrison's visit to provide a fascinating account of the early Beatle days.

Highlights include:
* Extensively documented account of George's visit
* Foreword by Louise Harrison, George's sister
* 32 rare photographs
* Published in June - 2000

Table of Contents:
Preface - Jim Kirkpatrick
Foreword - Louise Harrison
1. The Evolution of 60's Rock
2. September 1963
3. Lou Moves to Benton
4. Lou Promotes the Beatles
5. George and Peter's Arrival
6. The WFRX Interview
7. Gabe McCarty
8. Shopping for Records
9. The Rickenbacker Guitar
10. The Four Vests Play Eldorado
11. The Boccie Ball Club
12. Odds and Ends
13. Coping with Beatlemania
14. Lou Leaves Benton
15. Efforts to Save "Beatle House"
16. Investors Purchase House
Illustration Credits


Beatles tribute reopens at Riviera
Las Vegas Review - Journal - Las Vegas,NV,USA
It will be hard for the Beatles tribute to avoid confusion with "Fab Four Live." That one has been running at the V Theater adjacent to Planet Hollywood ...

An open letter to Ringo Starr from a disgruntled fan

Chicago Tribune - United States
And it's surely up to you to promote your last book, "Postcards From the Boys," full of notes the other Beatles sent you through the years. ...

Ready for Beatles play? Collinsville native says, ‘Yeah, yeah yeah’
Alton Telegraph - Alton,IL,USA
"She Loves You" features 30 live Beatles songs and multimedia about cultural developments during the Beatles era from 1964 through 1969. ...

Sympathy for the Stones From a String Quartet
New York Times - United States
At one point some raucous avant-garde fiddling and a bluegrass interlude preceded the “singing in the dead of night” snippet of the Beatles’ “Blackbird” and ...

Historian claims Beatles were ‘not heroes’ but only ‘capitalists exploiting youth culture'
Entertainment and Showbiz! - Baroda,India
The Beatles were ‘not heroes’, rather, much of their accorded fame and popularity was due to their capitalist exploitation of the then youth culture, ...

Drawing on experience - Alan Aldridge interview
Scotsman - United Kingdom
He also designed album covers and lyric books for top pop artists, including The Beatles and Elton John. Now a new autobiography and exhibition will reveal ...

Let Them Take You Down
Packet Online - Princeton,NJ,USA
That’s one of the reasons the Beatles left the live stage forever in August of 1966. (Although they did do an impromptu performance on the rooftop of Apple ...

York student performs Beatles for cancer
Excalibur Online - Toronto,Canada
On Oct. 3, York University music student Victoria Pazzano performed a few Beatles tunes at a fundraiser for a friend who is battling advanced breast cancer. ...

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Beatles' Biggest Secrets

Label: Fremantle Media

There was a time when the Beatles were the biggest, most famous band in the world, and much to the pleasure of parents around the globe - they had a squeaky clean reputation. But behind-the-scenes, the Fab Four lived lives filled with sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Featuring interviews with people who knew and worked with the Beatles from their early days performing in Hamburg strip clubs right up through the dizzying heights of their fame, this remarkable documentary lifts the veil on the biggest rock band of all time.

Interviewees include: Bill Harry, Allan Williams, Tony Sheridan, Alistair Taylor, Klaus Voormann, Jurgen Vollmer, Sam Leach, Horst Fascher, Sid Bernstein, Francie Schwartz, May Pang, Ruth McCartney, Bryan Barrett (Epstein's chauffeur), and others.

Rent or purchase this DVD from

Nobody Told Me: From Basement Band to Jack and the John Lennon Sessions

by Ken Geringer

"See you tomorrow morning, bright and early!" Those were the last words Jack was to hear John Lennon speak. An hour later, record producer Jack Douglas's best friend and partner lay dead, murdered by an assassin's bullet just minutes after leaving the session. Now Jack was coming down the other side of the mountain, just as Ken Geringer was beginning his climb up; their lives followed different trajectories until the day they met and Ken became Jack's new best friend and partner. Nobody Told Me is Geringer's searing and achingly poignant, yet always hilarious true-life tale that opens in suburbia during the 70's when "keeping up with the Joneses" was a national pastime. Ken rebelled against all that had been taught him; he left home at fourteen, dropped out of public school at fifteen to attend an alternative 'free school' where Grateful Dead marathon shows were a class, and entered the adult world at seventeen. His path led him from being a successful businessman, to playing drums in a band with Bob Marley's sister, to meeting and working with Grammy-award-winning record producer Jack Douglas, noted for his work with not only John and Yoko but also many rock luminaries including Aerosmith, The Who and Cheap Trick.

Together, Ken and Jack struggle to recapture Jack's past success. Crushing financial debt, drug addiction, arrests and false arrests, great luck turned bad and the many uncooperative rock n' roll crazies that populate this tale are just a few of the obstacles they encounter as they struggle to attain new pinnacles of success. Ken remembers all, and tells it all he does in this rock n' rollin' good-time adventure.

Ken Geringer grew up in Rockland County, New York, before moving to South Florida in 1978. He managed record producer Jack Douglas, was president of an international record company and built several nightclubs, one of which made world headlines. Mr. Geringer spearheaded a ten-year censorship fight against Broward County, Florida, after his arrest for allowing the group 2 Live Crew to perform at his Broward County Nightclub.


Lennon and Jagger: Counter-culture Revolutionaries, or Cynical Capitalists
findingDulcinea - New York,New York,USA
Fowler says the Beatles and Mick Jagger, though outrageously popular, weren't heroes, but cynical capitalists: "Far from developing a youth culture, ...

Editor's pick of the day: ex-Beatle Pete Best comes to the Sellersville Theatre
The Express Times - - Lehigh Valley,PA,USA
by John A. Zukowski Contributed photoPete Best, at right, played with The Beatles from 1960 to 1962. He'll perform with his band tonight at the Sellersville ...

The Beatles White Album 40th Anniversary Re-creation
On November 22nd, 1968 the Beatles released a double album of eclectic music with no title or artwork & a plain white cover. It became known as the White ...

Of Montreal Trades Polite Beatles Worship for a Flashy Prince Fixation
Village Voice - New York,NY,USA
Even the band's earliest records—including 1997's Cherry Peel and 1999's The Gay Parade—were conventional, Beatles-style rock records. ...

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Dylan and Weberman: A Letter

We ask A. J. Weberman to publicly apologize to Bob Dylan for leading a public campaign of lies and malicious slander against Dylan in the past year. It is about time someone came to Dylan's defense when A. J. published articles and went on radio calling Dylan a junkie--which he never was--attacked Dylan for "deserting the movement"--when he was there before the movement and helped create it--and publicized Dylan's address and phone--exposing Bob and his wife and children to public embarrassment and abuse.

Dylan is more than a myth--he is a human being, like you and me. He has feelings and sensitivities like you and me. Who is there among us who has not had his consciousness shaped by the words and music of Bob Dylan? Yet who raised his or her voice or uttered a word to defend Dylan when A. J. Weberman began his personal campaign of slander against Dylan--in the true tradition of the sensationalistic press willing to print anything about someone famous--even organizing demonstrations at Dylan's home--for god's sake:--can't Dylan have some privacy! Can't he have some peace of mind in his own home to think and write and make music and be with his family?

Weberman took advantage of Dylan's fame. If Bob Dylan attacked A. J. Weberman, who would listen or publish it? If A. J. Weberman has some "inside gossip" or "the real truth" about Bob Dylan, everyone is all ears because everyone wants to talk about Bob Dylan. Stories spread from person to person in an ever-widening circle of exaggeration and bullshit. No one cares to find out the truth about Bob Dylan, the person. They are too busy amusing themselves by telling outlandish stories about Bob Dylan--the myth--whom they have never met.

Weberman tried to make a name for himself by attacking Dylan and proclaiming himself a Dylanologist or something like that. No one else named Weberman an expert on Dylan. Weberman calls himself an expert, and all of a sudden the press is all over him trying to get information or gossip about Dylan. Now whenever someone writes about Bob Dylan, they also interview A. J. because he is a self-proclaimed authority on Dylan's music. A. J. claims everything Dylan writes is either about Weberman or about heroin. What bullshit!

Weberman is to Dylan as Manson is to the Beatles--and Weberman uses what he interprets from Dylan's music to try and kill Dylan and build his own fame. Now A. J. Weberman takes credit for Dylan's "George Jackson" song. More egocentric bullshit. Dylan wrote it in spite of Weberman and in spite of "the movement." Dylan wrote it because he felt it.

A. J. Weberman's campaign--and the movement's complicity in it--is in the current fad of everyone in the revolution attacking each other and spreading false rumors about each other. It's time we defended and loved each other--and saved our anger for the true enemy, whose ignorance and greed destroys our planet.

--The Rock Liberation Front
David Peel, Jerry Rubin,
Yoko Ono, John Lennon


The Beatles And Ireland book released - Dublin,Ireland
The Beatles And Ireland is a new book exploring The Beatles' Irish connections, including eyewitness accounts of the two gigs they played here. ...

Final debate: pirates, balloons, Beatles tunes
Columbus Dispatch - Columbus,OH,USA
I remind the candidates that the rules require you to sing your statement to the tune of a Beatles song. Sen. Obama, please give us a musical summary of ...

Ringo Starr: No more fan mail

The Associated Press
The fan fatigue led the former Beatles drummer to post a sometimes angry sounding short video clip on his Web site telling fans that any mail sent to him ...

McCartney's break-up song on Sawhney's album
Screen Weekly - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
That’s what The Beatles always did. The call eventually resulted in a maudlin, acoustic, love ballad called ‘My soul’ and features in Sawhney’s latest album ...

John Lennon was a sadistic claims biography
Oneindia - Tamilnadu,India
The tome, entitled John Lennon: The Life, has been written by Beatles biographer Philip Norman. It reveals the unprovoked acts of cruelty, jealous rage and ...

Hands off politics
Houston Chronicle - United States
Best was the drummer for the Beatles during 1960-62 before John, Paul and George kicked him out of the band in favor of Ringo Starr. ...

New Single of the QUARRYMEN - The band that started the Beatles ...
openPR (press release) - Hamburg,Germany
Next year a film will follow that is called "The Quarrymen - The Band that started the Beatles" (filmed in Germany / baltic coast). ...

Beatles rival on sex, drugs, rock’n’roll
Metro - London,UK
I’m sure the Beatles and the Stones would back me up on this – everybody was doing it for the fun. Like the Beatles were in Hamburg and the Stones were in ...
See all stories on this topic

New Cirque du Soleil doc shines with Beatles tunes - Canada
That enduring Beatle mantra is the musical heart of "All Together Now," a new documentary by Canadian filmmaker Adrian Wills. Filled with Cirque du Soleil's ...

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The Words and Music of John Lennon

by Ben Urish and Ken Bielen

Despite John Lennon's immense popularity, little attention has been paid to the overall efforts of his work apart from the Beatles. Yet his solo artistry not only illuminates what he gave to the Beatles (and what the Beatles experience gave to him), but also constitutes a significant contribution to popular music in general. Lennon was able to fuse experiments in technology, instrumentation, lyrics, and musical form into recordings that were both artistically and commercially successful. Whether expressing emotions, explaining philosophies, protesting social situations, or ruminating on the joys and pains of personal entanglements, few singer-songwriters have been his equal. In this long overdue investigation, authors Ben Urish and Ken Bielen give Lennon's artistry the opportunity to speak for itself. After a brief biographical introduction, chronologically arranged chapters discuss his incredible body of work album-by-album and single-by-single. A discography and annotated bibliography conclude the book. Although he is often lauded as a spokesperson for his generation, this praise, however intended, is far too limiting. Lennon was able to transform the intensely personal into the deeply universal (as well as the reverse), often with humor and pointed insight. At their core, his songs are simultaneously humanistic and transcendent. And as such, they-and he-continue to be relevant, and will certainly remain a valuable part of our cultural heritage for a long time to come.

BEN URISH has taught courses in Popular Music at Temple University, and has made popular music a large component in classes on mass media and American cultural history at Michigan State University.

KEN BIELEN has taught courses in Popular Music at Bowling Green State University and has researched and written extensively on the subject. He is the author of The Lyrics of Civility, (1999).


Beatles engineer will share stories in Nashville on Thursday
My - Nashville,TN,USA
By BEVERLY KEEL • October 13, 2008 Geoff Emerick, who engineered several Beatles albums, will discuss what it was like to work with the legendary band ...

In Praise of The Beatles - Aurora,OH,USA
The principal message of the Beatles, which they demonstrated in their wit and banter along with their music, was one of unity – the whole is greater than ...

Michael Kurtz Pleads To The Beatles
Undercover Music News - Australia
by Paul Cashmere - October 14 2008 The Beatles are biting the hand that feeds them with the new release `All Together Now`, according to Record Store Day ...

Beatles And Floyd Engineer To Give Lecture
Sonic State - UK
Alan Parsons began his career at Abbey Road Studios, and has spent a lifetime recording such heavyweights as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Hollies, ...

Beatles drummer Ringo Starr warns fans he is too busy to sign autographs - United Kingdom
Ringo Starr, regarded as the most down-to-earth member of The Beatles, has warned fans that he will no longer sign memorabilia for them. ...

Fighting over a fruit
Globe and Mail - Canada
Apple Inc. is the same company that was locked in litigation for three decades with Apple Corps, the music company founded in 1968 by The Beatles. ...

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Various Artists - The Songs We Were Singing: The Music That Inspired the Beatles

Label: FLO Records, FLO 001-004

(30 tracks, 73:56)
1 - Puttin' On The Style (Lonnie Donegan)
2 - Come Go With Me (Del-Vikings)
3 - Twenty Flight Rock (Eddie Cochran)
4 - Raunchy (Bill Justis)
5 - That'll Be The Day (Buddy Holly)
6 - Hallelujah I Love Her So (Eddie Cochran)
7 - Movin And Groovin (Duane Eddy)
8 - World Is Waiting For The Sunrise (Les Paul and Mary Ford)
9 - That's When Your Heartaches Begin (Elvis)
10 - Wildcat (Gene Vincent)
11 - Ain't She Sweet (Gene Vincent)
12 - Memphis Tennessee (Chuck Berry)
13 - Three Cool Cats (Coasters)
14 - September In The Rain (Dinah Washington)
15 - Take Good Care Of My Baby (Bobby Vee)
16 - Crying, Waiting, Hoping (Buddy Holly)
17 - Sheik of Araby (Fats Waller)
18 - Searchin (Coasters)
19 - Be-Bop-A-Lula (Gene Vincent)
20 - Red Hot (Ronnie Hawkins)
21 - Sheila (Tommy Roe)
22 - Red Sails In The Sunset (Joe Turner)
23 - I Remember You (Frank Ifield)
24 - Shimmy Like Kate (Olympics)
25 - Falling In Love Again (Marlene Dietrich)
26 - Where Have You Been All My Life (Arthur Alexander)
27 - Your Feet's Too Big (Fats Waller)
28 - Little Queenie (Chuck Berry)
29 - Road Runner (Bo Diddley)
30 - Reminiscing (Buddy Holly)

(31 tracks, 73:05)
1 - Dream Baby (Roy Orbison)
2 - A Picture Of You (Joe Brown)
3 - Some Other Guy (Ritchie Barrett)
4 - Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (Little Eva)
5 - Beautiful Dreamer (Slim Whitman)
6 - Too Much Monkey Business (Chuck)
7 - I'm Talking About You (Chuck)
8 - I Got To Find My Baby (Chuck)
9 - Youngblood (Coasters)
10 - Shot Of Rhythm And Blues (Arthur Alexander)
11 - Sure To Fall (Carl Perkins)
12 - That's All Right Mama (Elvis)
13 - Carol (Chuck Berry)
14 - Soldier Of Love (Arthur Alexander)
15 - Lend Me Your Comb (Carl)
16 - Clarabella (Jodimars)
17 - Sweet Little 16 (Chuck)
18 - Nothin' Shakin' (Eddie Fontaine)
19 - Lonesome Tears In My Eyes (Johnny Burnette Trio)
20 - So How Come (No One Loves Me) (Everly Bros)
21 - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) (Elvis)
22 - To Know Her Is To Love Her (Teddy Bears)
23 - The Honeymoon Song (Mario Marini)
24 - I Got A Woman (Elvis)
25 - Glad All Over (Carl)
26 - I Just Don't Understand (Ann-Margret)
27 - Ooh My Soul (Little Richard)
28 - Don't Ever Change (Crickets)
29 - Lucille (Little Richard)
30 - Johnny B Goode (Chuck)
31 - I Forgot To Remember To Forget (Elvis)

(27 tracks, 69:27)
1 - Anna (Arthur Alexander)
2 - Chains (Cookies)
3 - Boys (Shirelles)
4 - Baby It's You (Shirelles)
5 - Taste Of Honey (Lenny Welch)
6 - Twist And Shout (Isleys)
7 - Till There Was You (Peggy Lee)
8 - Please Mr. Postman (Marvelettes)
9 - Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck)
10 - You Really Got A Hold On Me (Smokey + Miracles)
11 - Devil In His Heart (Donays)
12 - Money (Barrett Strong)
13 - Long Tall Sally (Little Richard)
14 - Shout! (Parts One and Two) (Isleys)
15 - Slow Down (Larry W)
16 - Matchbox (Carl)
17 - Leave My Kitten Alone (Johnny Preston)
18 - Rock And Roll Music (Chuck)
19 - Mr Moonlight (Dr Feelgood)
20 - Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey (Little Richard)
21 - Words Of Love (Buddy)
22 - Honey Don't (Carl)
23 - Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (Carl Perkins)
24 - Act Naturally (Buck Owens)
25 - Dizzy Miss Lizzie (Larry Williams)
26 - Bad Boy (Larry Williams)
27 - Maggie May (Vipers Skiffle Group)

(29 tracks, 72:58)
1. Mailman Bring Me No More Blues (Buddy)
2. Crackin' Up (Bo Diddley)
3. Third Man Theme (Anton Karas)
4. Hitch Hike (Marvin Gaye)
5. Hippy Hippy Shake (Chan Romero)
6. Short Fat Fannie (Larry Williams)
7. What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes at Me For? (Emile Ford)
8. I've Been Good To You (Miracles)
9. Fools Like Me (Jerry Lee)
10. Right String Wrong Yoko (Carl)
11. Leaning On A Lamppost (George Formby)
12. Honey Hush (Johnny Burnette)
13. You Win Again (Jerry Lee)
14. What Am I Living For (Chuck Willis)
15. Move It (Cliff Richard)
16. Tennessee (Carl)
17. It's Only Make Believe (Conway Twitty)
18. Watch Your Step (Bobby Parker)
19. New Orleans (Gary US Bonds)
20. Milk Cow Blues (Eddie Cochran)
21. Queen of the Hop (Bobby Darin)
22. Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer (Four Lads)
23. Save The Last Dance For Me (Drifters)
24. Rock Island Line (Lonnie Donnegan)
25. Singing the Blues (Guy Mitchell)
26. Shake Rattle and Roll (Bill Haley)
27. The Walk (Jimmy McCracklin)
28. Hey Little Girl (Dee Clark)
29. Besame Mucho (Coasters)

The Art & Music of John Lennon

by Peter Doggett

The complete catalogue and history of Lennon's work as a musician, writer and artist - the definitive portraits of the most substantial and influential figures in rock history. It details every officially released recording, complete UK and US discography, home demo recordings from the early Beatle years onwards, composing tapes, studio out-takes, live recordings, collaborations with other artists and interview material. In addition, The Art and Music of John Lennon also examines Lennon's non-musical work. Films from How I Won the War to his avant-garde with with Yoko Ono on more recent documentaries. Videos and promotional clips. A complete catalogue of John's writings from A Spaniard in the Works through other prose and poetry to letters to magazines and friends. Also includes artwork, erotic lithographs and other drawings and paintings.

News in Brief

Paul McCartney and the Beatles' Break-Up

An article from today's Times Online: McCartney broke up Beatles at Scottish retreat
Sir Paul McCartney decided to quit the Beatles and sue his former bandmates while walking on a beach near his home on the Mull of Kintyre, according to a new book.
One thing the article neglects to mention is that John's announcement that he was leaving the Beatles in an Apple business meeting in September 1969 was probably the biggest factor in Paul's decision, of which he informed John on April 9, 1970:

JOHN: "I received a phone call from Paul on Thursday afternoon. He said, 'I'm going to leave the Beatles as well.' I was happy to hear from Paul. It was nice to find that he was still alive! Anyway, Paul hasn't left . . . I sacked him."

PAUL: "When people say I let it out, it was actually months after we had broken up. No one was saying anything and I was putting out this crazy press releases with the McCartney album because Peter Brown said to me, 'We need some press on this. You'd better do something,' and I didn't want to be interviewed. I didn't feel secure enough to do that. So I said, 'Okay, we'll do a question and answer thing.' So I said to Peter, 'Write me out a questionnaire of what you think they'd ask me.' He wrote it all out and I just filled it all in, like a questionnaire, and it all came out weird."