Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beatles' Biggest Secrets

Label: Fremantle Media

There was a time when the Beatles were the biggest, most famous band in the world, and much to the pleasure of parents around the globe - they had a squeaky clean reputation. But behind-the-scenes, the Fab Four lived lives filled with sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Featuring interviews with people who knew and worked with the Beatles from their early days performing in Hamburg strip clubs right up through the dizzying heights of their fame, this remarkable documentary lifts the veil on the biggest rock band of all time.

Interviewees include: Bill Harry, Allan Williams, Tony Sheridan, Alistair Taylor, Klaus Voormann, Jurgen Vollmer, Sam Leach, Horst Fascher, Sid Bernstein, Francie Schwartz, May Pang, Ruth McCartney, Bryan Barrett (Epstein's chauffeur), and others.

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Mondo said...

This could be right up my Carnaby Street - have you seen it though? I don't want a DVD of rip-off, tittle-tattle