Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Beatles - Limo Interview For 'This Week,' November 1963

Coming at the height of Beatlemania in Britain, the Beatles were interviewed in a limo for This Week Programme.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Beatles Anthology - Episode Seven

All songs are written by Lennon/McCartney and performed by The Beatles, unless otherwise noted.

Episode Seven (June '67 to July '68) - 1:13:40

"We got backstage to see Maharishi and I said to him: 'Got any mantras?'" - George Harrison

1. Satellite Broadcast of “All You Need is Love” [10:10]
* Help! - Title song played at the beginning of each episode.
* All You Need Is Love - 'Our World' Global Satellite Broadcast on 25 June 1967.
2. Meeting The Maharishi [4:17]
3. Brian Epstein's Death [8:16]
* You've Got to Hide Your Love Away - 18 February, 1965 (Take 5) - Brian died on 27August, 1967; some state that this song is a reference to Brian Epstein, the group's manager, who was homosexual (homosexuality was a criminal offense in Britain at the time).
4. “Magical Mystery Tour” [10:05]
* Magical Mystery Tour - Footage from the film Magical Mystery Tour.
* You Made Me Love You (McCarthy-Monaco) Performed by: Jessie Robbins and The Magical Mystery Tour Passengers; footage from the film Magical Mystery Tour.
* The Fool On The Hill - Footage from the film Magical Mystery Tour.
* Your Mother Should Know - Footage from the film Magical Mystery Tour. This scene, known as the 'staircase' scene, was filmed in the disused aircraft hangars at RAF West Malling in Kent, in September 1967.
* Flying (Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starkey) - Footage from the film Magical Mystery Tour. In this sequence, the music is accompanied in the film by color-altered images of landscape in Iceland, taken from an airplane; these shots were provided from outtakes of Stanley Kubrick's famous comedy Dr. Strangelove.
5. “I Am The Walrus” [5:11]
* I Am The Walrus - Footage from the film Magical Mystery Tour. This scene was filmed on the disused airfield runways at RAF West Malling in Kent, in September 1967. The soundtrack was changed from the original VHS edition of Anthology to the DVD: a new all-true-stereo mix of the song was introduced, eliminating, for the first time, the use of "fake stereo" after the second verse of the song.
6. “Hello, Goodbye” [3:45]
* Hello, Goodbye - A promotional film for the Ed Sullivan Show.
7. The Apple Boutique [2:20]
8. Rishikesh, India [8:42]
* Across the Universe - 3 February, 1968 (Take 2).
* Dear Prudence
* I Will - 16 September, 1968 (Take 1).
* Dera Dhun (Harrison) - Performed by George Harrison.
* Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey
9. Apple Records [7:58]
* Footage of Apple Press Conference, New York, 14 May, 1968.
* Sour Milk Sea (Harrison) Performed by: Jackie Lomax.
* Something In The Way She Moves (Taylor) Performed by: James Taylor.
* Maybe Tomorrow (Evans) Performed by: The Iveys.
* No Matter What (Ham) Performed by: Badfinger.
* Goodbye (Lennon/McCartney) Performed by: Mary Hopkin.
10. “Lady Madonna” [2:26]
* Lady Madonna - 3rd and 6 February 1968.
11. “Yellow Submarine” [4:05]
* Yellow Submarine - Footage from the film Yellow Submarine.
* All Together Now - Footage from the film Yellow Submarine.
12. John Meets Yoko Ono [6:23]
* Happiness Is a Warm Gun - May, 1968 (Esher Demo).
* Two Virgins (Lennon-Ono) Performed by: John Lennon & Yoko Ono
* While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Harrison) - Demo acoustic version (25 July, 1968) — Played while showing the credits.


Mary Hopkin Recording "Those Were the Days" / The Beatles Original "Revolution" Promo Film

Black and white footage of Mary Hopkin in the studio (Peter Asher in the control booth) recording the Spanish version of "Those Were the Days" ("Que Tiempo Tan Feliz"). At the end of the video, the Beatles' promo video for "Revolution" is shown, with what sounds like to me more of the "live" audio than most versions that later circulated (which largely overdub the official recording).

Monday, December 13, 2010

Apple Employee Jean Nisbet on the Rooftop Concert

"We were used to odd events, and so the sight of John, Paul, George and Ringo plus the TV people climbing onto the roof didn't faze me. But, when they started playing right above me, and my office ceiling began to vibrate, I thought it was time to move. I rushed out the front door into the street to find the other office girls hanging out of windows screaming and hundreds of passers-by gazing up to the roof.

"The traffic was, naturally, at a standstill. Everyone was in good humor, except a few of our neighbors, who weren't too keen on having Apple next door."

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ringo Starr on Bad Press, 1969

"One minute the press will be all over you, saying, 'Good old Beatles boys,' and then the next, they'll be saying, 'Those dirty old scruffs!'"

Can you put a finger on one of the main turning points?

"Drugs. But there was always a lot before that. It has always depended on the journalist or the paper, you know, how they felt at that time. They can write a story good or they can write it bad. You might find in one paper, it was 'Beatlemania in Bradford,' while in another, 'Beatles Protesters Smash Up Bradford.'"