Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mystical One: George Harrison After the Break-Up of the Beatles

by Elliot J. Huntley

This biography covers the years 1969 to the present day and celebrates George Harrison's career as both a musician and independent film producer. Mystical One focuses on the music found in the solo albums that Harrison released from 1970, his sporadic tours and live appearances, his work with The Traveling Wilburys, and the fascinating catalogue of unreleased songs lying in his vaults, and his latest record, Brainwashed. The book also delves into the personal life of the least written about Beatle, covering such fascinating episodes as the high profile break-up of his marriage to Pattie Boyd and the "My Sweet Lord" plagiarism case, the reformation of The Beatles and his battles with cancer, plus the traumatic events of 1999 that saw him nearly killed by a mad intruder into his Oxfordshire home. This is the very first in-depth critique of George Harrison's solo career leading up to the days of his untimely death on the 29th November 2001.

Elliot J. Huntley is a writer based in Sheffield, England.

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