Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Beatles and Ireland

by Michael Lynch and Damian Smyth
Foreword by Tom Dunne

From the day The Beatles arrived in Dublin in 1963 at the height of Beatlemania and Paul McCartney announced 'it's great to be home', the Fab Four never hid their love for Ireland. They played two further gigs in Belfast within the year; John had bought an island off the Mayo coast by the end of that decade; and in the 1970s John and Paul were writing songs about the troubled events in Northern Ireland. Yet there has never been a book about their Irish connections. From George's family originating in Co Wexford to Paul choosing Castle Leslie in Monaghan for his wedding to Heather Mills, it's all here, including insights into what really went on at Paul's wedding reception and what Stella thought of being there.

This comprehensive guide details every connection The Beatles have had with Ireland, from their family trees to their concerts and the many visits they have made across the Irish Sea. Previously unpublished photographs enhance the exclusive interviews, fifteen years of research and first-hand accounts by people who spent time with the four young men who produced music that is unique and timeless. Containing prime Irish Beatle locations, an Irish charts discography, a detailed list of Beatles-related programmes on Irish radio and TV over the years, and so much more, this is the must-have book for every Beatles fan.

Michael Lynch from Laois is a laser technician with journalistic qualifications who has travelled the world to concerts and to meet stars such as David Bowie and Neil Tennant. Meeting Paul McCartney was his musical highlight. He writes for various websites when not working or following Manchester United.

Damian Smyth from Yorkshire lives in Dublin. He has worked with several Dublin bands as photographer and events promoter and has featured on radio programmes including the Dave Fanning Show. He has met many people connected with The Beatles, including Yoko Ono, the last being Paul McCartney the day before his wedding at Castle Leslie.

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