Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Beatles - The Get Back Journals: Discs 7-8

Label: Vigotone, VIGO 107/108

Disc 7
(total time: 72:41)

The liner notes sum up this disc well: "Unless you're a rabid GET BACK junkie (and maybe even if you are) you're unlikely to pull this one off your shelf very often. There are a couple of highlights - The Beatles cover version of Jackie Lomax's "You've Got Me Thinking" and Arthur Alexander's "Soldier Of Love" and "Where Have You Been" are fun, but for the most part this CD is bogged down by half-hearted rehearsals of Lennon/McCartney originals." 21 tracks on this disc.

1.Dig a Pony
2.You Got the Message
3.I'm Ready
4.Dig a Pony (loose rehearsal session including:
Papa's Got a brand new bag
William Smith Boogie
5.You've Got Me Thinking
6.I've Got a Feeling (rehearsal session)
7.She Came in through the Bathroom Window (rehearsal session)
8.Don't Let Me Down
9.I've Got a Feeling
10.Octopus's Garden
11.Get Back (rehearsal session including:
Reach Out
I'll Be There
12.I've Got a Feeling
14.Please Please Me
15.(Rock and Roll Circus Dialogue including:
Get Back (Riff)
I can't get no satisfaction (riff)
16.(Instrumental jam)
17.Get Back (rehearsal session
18.Soldier of Love
19.Medley:Cathy's Clown/Soldier of Love/Where have You Been
20.What I'd Say/Love is a Swingin' Thing
21.Child of Nature
22.Two of Us (rehearsal session)
23.Teddy Boy (rehearsal session part 1)

Disc 8
(total time: 64:13):

HER MAJESTY bootleg is the source for much of the material on this record and is mostly forgettable. Some of the more listenable songs are Teddy Boy (taken from the WBCN 1969 broadcast tape), Dig It, Maggie Mae, Singing The Blues and Almost Grown. 23 tracks.

1.Teddy Boy (rehearsal session continued including:
Balls to your partners
Ach Du Leiber Augustin (parody lyrics)
2.Two of Us
3.Polythene Pam
4.(improvisation)/Two of Us (riffs)
5.Maggie May
6.Teddy Boy (playback)
7.Two of Us
8.Her Majesty
9.There You Are Eddie
10.Every Night/Pillow for Your Head
11.Hot as Sun
12.Two of Us (rehearsal session including:
Hello Goodbye
13.Diggin' My Potatoes/Rock Island Line
14.Singin' the Blues/Knee Deep in the Blues
15.Dig It (Version 1)
16.Get Back (rehearsal session)
17.Bad Boy
18.Sweet Little Sixteen/Around and Around
19.Almost Grown
20.School Days
21.(Post Card Dialogue)
22.All Along The Watchtower
23.Get Back (reprise)

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