Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Beatles - The Get Back Journals: Discs 3-4

Label: Vigotone, VIGO 103/104

Disc 3
(total time: 69:53):

THE BLACK ALBUM (Audifon) is featured on Disc Three and is from tape source. There is some additional material here - the most significant being a longer version of the first performance of I Me Mine and the first appearance of The Beatles' cover of What Am I Livin' For by Chuck Willis. Other highlights on this 28-track disc are Hari Krsna Mantra, Too Bad About Sorrows, Fool Like Me and You Win Again.

1.I Me Mine
2.Early in the Morning/Honey Hush
3.Stand By Me
4.Hari Krsna Mantra (parody Lyrics)
6.Hari Krsna Mantra (parody lyrics)
7.Two of Us
8.You Got Me Going
9.Twist and Shout
10.Don't Let Me Down
11.I've Got a Feeling
12.One After 909
13.Too Bad About Sorrows
14.Just Fun
15.She Said, She Said
16.Mean Mr. Mustard
17.Don't Let Me Down
18.All Things Must Pass
19.Fools Like Me
20.You Win Again
22.She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
23.I Me Mine (rehearsal session)
24.Almost Grown
25.Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown)
26.What am I living for?
27.Rock and Roll Music
28.I Me Mine (rehearsal session)

Disc 4
(total time: 68:31):

Most of this disc is taken from the master tapes for SWEET APPLE TRAX along with some additional cuts. The earliest known performances of The Long And Winding Road are here, and a lengthy discussion by The Beatles about their proposed live performances. A few of the better tracks on this 25-track disc are I Me Mine, Tennessee, Move It, and One After 909.

1.I Me Mine (rehearsal session)
2.The Long and Winding Road
3.Let it Be
4.To Kingdom Come
5.(Boat Show Dialogue)
6.Don't Let me Down
7.Two of Us
8.Baa Baa Blacksheep
9.Don't Let Me Down
10.Suzy's Parlour
11.I've got a feeling (rehearsal session)
12.One after 909
13.Norweigian Wood
14.She Came in through the Bathroom Window (rehearsal session)
15.Be Bop A Lula
16.She Came in through the Bathroom Window (rehearsal session)
17.No Pakistanis
18.La Pennina
19.Across the Universe
20.Shakin' in the Sixties
22.Good Rockin Tonight
24.Across the Universe
25.House of the Rising Sun

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