Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Beatles Solo on Apple Records

The stories behind the entire Beatles solo catalog on Apple Records including Imagine, Band On The Run, All Things Must Pass, and Ringo

Compiled by Bruce Spizer
Foreword by Allan Steckler

"If people need the Beatles so much, all they have to do is buy each [solo] album...and put it on tape, track by track. One of me, one of Paul, one of George and one of Ringo." --John Lennon

Even before the Beatles officially broke up in early 1970, band members were working on solo projects. In America, Apple released George Harrison's Wonderwall Music in late 1968. John & Yoko's Unfinished Music No. 1. Two Virgins followed in early 1969. During the year, Apple released three more albums and two singles by John & Yoko, plus George's Electronic Sound. Paul coupled the release of his McCartney album in April, 1970, with his announcement that he was quitting the Beatles. A few days later, Apple released Ringo's album of big band standards, Sentimental Journey. Later that year, Ringo struck again with Beaucoups Of Blues. At year's end, Beatles fans were treated to George's classic triple set All Things Must Pass and John's harrowing Plastic Ono Band LP. It was quite a mixed bag.

This book covers all of those records, plus all of the solo albums and singles released by former members of the Beatles on Apple during the first half of the seventies. While not every song matched the high standards set by the Beatles, there were some great moments and surprises.

The Beatles Solo on Apple Records is the fifth installment of Bruce Spizer's critically acclaimed series on the Beatles American records and the companion piece to The Beatles on Apple Records.

"Bruce Spizer if the ultimate presenter of the historical phenomenon known as the Beatles."
Ken Mansfield, Apple's first U.S. manager

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