Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Beatles - Attack of the FILLER BEEBS, episode one

Label: Silent Sea Productions, SS001

"Teenager's Turn" 3-7-62
1. Dream Baby - 1:57
2. Memphis - 2:21
3. Please Mr. Postman - 2:18
Sourced from a cleaner tape than the one used for the "Complete BBC Sessions" box set.

"Here We Go" 6-11-62
4. Ask Me Why - 2:24
5. Besame Mucho - 2:34
6. A Picture Of You - 2:32
Again, from a better source tape.

"Saturday Club" 1-22-63
7. Some Other Guy - 1:56
8. Beautiful Dreamer - 1:47
Sourced from a markedly better tape than the one that has been previously available.

"Here We Go" 3-6-63
9. Misery - 2:14
10. Do You Want To Know A Secret - 2:09
11. Please Please Me - 2:12
This excellent performance surfaced shortly after the "Complete" box set was released.

"Saturday Club" 3-16-63
12. I Saw Her Standing There - 2:35
13. John and Brian Matthew chat - 0:45
14. Misery - 1:45
15. Too Much Monkey Business - 1:51
16. Talking About You - 1:50
17. John, Paul and Brian Matthew chat - 0:51
18. Please Please Me - 1:52
19. Hippy Hippy Shake - 1:40
Again, sourced from a significantly improved tape, except for track 15, included from the box set.

"Side By Side" 4-1-63
20. Ringo and John Dunn chat - 0:12
This "Boys" intro was left off the "Complete" box set.

"Non Stop Pop" 7-30-63
21. Beatles and Phil Tate chat - 2:22
Ringo discusses not moving to London and requests a song, John talks about songwriting and hobbies, George answers a fan's question about their hair, and Paul muses on fame.

"The Public Ear" 10-3-63
22. Beatles self-introductions - 0:13
23. Beatles chat - 2:15
Paul wonders about the future, George talks about money, and all four talk about practicing and making music.

"Radio Newsreel" 10-16-63
24. Beatles and Peter Woods chat - 2:10
The Fabs talk about the upcoming Royal Variety Performance and their success without posh voices.

"Easy Beat" 10-16-63
25. From Me To You - 1:49
An upgrade of the flawed "Complete" box set track.

"Dateline London" 12-10-63
26. Beatles and Dibbs Mather chat - 9:16
Ringo outlines his early career; George discusses life's change, family, life, money and the future; Paul talks about the name, being role models and the future; and John goes on about Goon-type humor and success and reads "The Neville Club."

"The Public Ear" 1-5-64
27. George and Ringo promo spot, tk 1 - 0:48
28. George and Ringo promo spot, tk 2 - 0:42
George reads his and Ringo's letter and ruins Ringo's gag, then gets it right on the second try.

"Weekend World" 1-24-64
29. Beatles and Bob chat - 7:07
30. Beatles and Bob chat more - 6:39
A bonus non-BBC session, recorded in Paris by an unknown American interviewer for Armed Forces Network. First Paul discusses their origins, success and haircuts; George talks about the Liverpool Sound; Ringo briefly synopsizes his career; and John talks about imitators. Then Paul discusses the Olympia shows, writing "I Want To Hold Your Hand," themes in their songs and their upcoming U.S. trip and first feature film; George talks about the lack of French girls and landing the Sullivan show; John discusses "yeah yeah yeah" and they all rate the French girls.

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