Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Beatles - Attack of the FILLER BEEBS, episode three

Label: Silent Sea Productions, SS003

"Saturday Club" 11-29-65
1. Saturday Jump, interview version - 0:12
2. Saturday Jump theme music - 0:09
3. Beatles promo spot session - 1:12
4. John, Paul, Ringo and Brian Matthew chat - 1:44
5. Beatles and Brian chat - 1:25
6. Beatles chat - 0:42
The Beatles tape their contributions to the "Saturday Club" Christmas broadcast. The promo spot is complicated by Ringo's intransigence; the first chat bit starts with an impromptu "Maria," then covers their Christmas plans; the second chat segment is a "Beatle Box Jury" following the playing of Brian Matthew's new single; and finally each Beatle sends his holiday wishes.

"Pop Profile" 11-30-65
7. theme song and intro - 0:31
8. John and Brian Matthew chat - 4:18
9. George and Brian chat - 3:51
Brian interviews two Beatles at the NEMS Enterprises office in London. John discusses what he cares most about, his political leanings, Julian's future education and parenthood. George muses on his image as the "silent Beatle," what he cares most about, songwriting, his home life, and what he wants.

"Pop Profile" 5-2-66
10. Paul and Brian Matthew chat - 4:19
11. Ringo and Brian chat and outro - 4:13
Brian interviews two more Beatles at the Playhouse Theatre in London. Paul complains about press reactions to his concert and play attendance and discusses post-Beatles possibilities and various other musics. Ringo talks about music he likes, life as a lad, life as a whole and how he got into music.

"The Lennon and McCartney Songbook" 8-6-66
12. John, Paul and Keith Fordyce chat - 9:26
At Paul's St. John's Wood home in London, Keith Fordyce gets the Nerk Twins' reactions to some of the many covers of their compositions, including the Irish Guards' "She Loves You," Peggy Lee's "A Hard Day's Night," Matt Munro's "All My Loving," Lena Horne's "And I Love Him" and Frankie Vaughn's "Wait," with interruptions by Mr. or Mrs. Higgins and Martha (My Dear) the sheepdog puppy.

"Top Of The Pops" 3-20-67
13. John, Paul and Brian Matthew chat - 5:12
The Fab Two discuss "Penny Lane" not making Number One, songwriting, doing another film, not touring and not writing a stage musical.

"Scene And Heard" 9-13-67
14. George and Miranda Ward chat - 4:24
Interviewed at the Atlantic Hotel in Newgate during "Magical Mystery Tour" filming, George explains why they still haven't done their required third feature film, what they're doing with "Mystery Tour," and his interest in Indian philosophy and spiritual fulfillment.

"Where It's At" 11-67
15. John, Chris Denning and Kenny Everett chat - 2:47
16. All Together On The Wireless Machine - 2:00
John talks about the possibility of a Beatles radio show, building a studio, and other future plans. The second track is a home tape Paul recorded for the program.

unknown program 3-26-68
17. Paul and Jane Asher chat - 2:01
On their return from India, Paul responds to questions about meditation and poverty in India and Jane discusses meditation's effect on her.

unknown program 6-68
18. Beatles rehearsal - 0:49
Tony Allerstone (?) narrates as John bangs a drum, Paul plays lead guitar, George plays piano and vocalizes, and Ringo walks around thinking.

"The Kenny Everett Show" 6-6-68
19. John intro - 0:28
20. John and Kenny chat - 4:34
21. Beatles and Kenny chat - 12:52
John provides a very spaced-out welcome to the end, followed by part of the broadcast as edited by Kenny. Finally, the complete session tape includes John strumming on a fretless guitar while expounding on what to expect from them in the next few months, "Somebody Stole My Gal," "Goodbye Jingle," Harry Nilsson, "Cottonfields" with Kenny, Rishikesh, what they've recorded so far, "It's The Kenny Everett Show," "You Know, Listeners," Apple, if he were stranded on an island and how high "Sgt. Pepper" was. Paul joins John for "Goodbye To Kenny Everett," John proposes "Tiny Tim For President," George says hello, Paul does Tiny, Ringo sings "Goodbye Kenny" and John and Paul do a jazzy "Strawberry Fields Forever."

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