Sunday, August 31, 2008


by William J. Dowlding

Firsthand quotes, little-known facts and details about the production of each song/album, including:
  • where song ideas came from
  • who contributed how much to each song
  • changes to titles, lyrics, music
  • instrumentation used
  • the Beatles' thoughts on song development
  • the history of Beatle covers, and much more
A complete and fascinating chronicle of Beatles music and history, Beatlesongs details the growth, evolution, and dissolution of the most influential group of our time.

Drawing together information from sources that include interviews, insider accounts, magazines, and news wire services, this is a complete profile of every Beatles song ever written--from recording details such as who played which instruments and sang what harmonies to how each song fared on the charts and how other musicians and critics felt about it. Chronologically arranged by U.K. release date, Beatlesongs nails down dates, places, participants, and other intriguing facts in a truly remarkable portrait of the Liverpudlian legends.

Behind each is a story--like Paul's criticism of George's guitar playing during the Rubber Soul sessions, John's acid trip during the Sgt. Pepper's session, and the selection process for the Revolver album cover. And carefully examined along the way are the Beatles' evolving musical talents, their stormy private lives, and their successful--and unsuccessful--collaborations.

Beatlesongs is truly an inside look at the Fab Four and a treasures for all their fans.

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