Saturday, August 09, 2008

Waiting for the Beatles: An Apple Scruff's Story

by Carol Bedford

This book is a tribute to a unique group of fans. The Apple Scruffs were a collection of young women who dedicated their lives for a number of years to the objects of their idolatry -- The Beatles. These were no ordinary fans. Their special relationship with the Beatles provided the fab four with protection, loyalty and friendship. Their monthly magazine provided information for the Beatles concerning their staff, their fans and above all themselves. In turn, the Beatles paid homage to The Scruffs. Paul called them "the eyes of the world" and George wrote the song Apple Scruffs in their honour.

In telling this fascinating and often outrageous story, the book is also a personal glimpse into the lives of the Beatles and their fans, based on everyday encounters. Specifically the book chronicles the development of the very special relationship between one Beatle - George - and one fan - the author Carol Bedford herself. Often sensational, often amusing and in its observation of the special and fascinating trivia associated with super stars and their day-to-day activities, Waiting for the Beatles is like no other Beatles book - ever.

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