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The Beatles Complete: April-May, 1960 (part 2) to June 24, 1961

Label: Silent Sea Productions, BC600400.V1

April-May, 1960 (part 2) HOME TAPE
The Beatals. Paul's home and possibly other locations, Liverpool.
1. Instrumental improvisation (11:50)
2. Instrumental improvisation (7:45)
3. Instrumental improvisation (11:12)
4. That's The End (?) (17:52)

June 22-23, 1961 STUDIO
Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers, except track 9 by the Beatles. Friedrich Ebert Halle, Hamburg.
5. My Bonnie (German intro), RS '78? (0:36)
6. My Bonnie (My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean), RS '62? (2:41)
7. The Saints (When The Saints Go Marching In), RS '62? (3:18)
8. Why (Can't You Love Again), RS '64? (2:58)
9. Cry For A Shadow, RS '64? (2:23)
10. Nobody's Child, RS '64? (3:55)

June 24, 1961 STUDIO
Track 11 by the Beatles. Track 12 by Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers. Studio Rahlstedt, Hamburg.
11. Ain't She Sweet, RS '64? (2:10)
12. Take Out Some Insurance On Me, RS '64? (2:53)

Performers: on tracks 1-4 the lineup is George Harrison: lead guitar; John Lennon and Paul McCartney: rhythm guitars; and Stu Sutcliffe: bass. On tracks 5-12 the lineup is Tony Sheridan: Lead vocal and lead guitar; John Lennon and George Harrison: rhythm guitar and back-up vocals; Paul McCartney: bass and back-up vocals; and Pete Best: drums.

Producers: tracks 1-4 were self-produced, while tracks 5-12 were produced by Bert Kaempfert.

Composers: 1-4 probably by Lennon-McCartney; 5-7 and 10 are traditional/arranged by Sheridan; 8 by Sheridan-Compton; 9 by Harrison-Lennon; 11 by Ager-Yellen; and 12 by Singleton-Hall. The provisional title of Track 4 comes from a comment captured at the end of the instrumental performance.

Photos: the cover shot was taken by Cheniston Roland on May 10, 1960 during the Larry Parnes/Billy Fury audition at the Wyvern Club, Liverpool. Stu Sutcliffe is at left. Colorized by the clever Silent Sea graphics department, who also maneuvered George over closer to the others. The inside photo was taken in October, 1960 by Astrid Kirchherr at an amusement park in Hamburg, this time with Stu in the middle. The back photo was shot in 1961 outside the Cavern Club, Liverpool. Pete Best is second from left.

Sources: "Early Tapes Of The Beatles" CD Polydor 23701: 6-10 and 12. "Mach Shau!" CDR: 11. "Road To Fame" CD Star-Club HADCD241: 5. "Wildcat" CD Madman 13-14: 1-4.

Completion: June 22, 1961, Studio - "My Bonnie" (German intro) RM '61 can be found on the "Mein Herz is bei dir nur" LP Polydor (Germany) 24673; "My Bonnie" (English intro) RM '61 and "The Saints" RM '61 are on the "My Bonnie" LP Polydor (UK) 66833. "Why" RM '63? and "Cry For A Shadow" RM '63? are on the "Beatles With Tony Sheridan" LP MGM K 13213 and MGM K 4215. June 23, 1961, Studio -- "Nobody's Child" RM /64? can be found on the "Beatles First" LP Polydor (UK) 52906 and "Ain't She Sweet" RM '64 is on the "Beatles First" CD Polydor. June 24, 1961, Studio - "Take Out Some Insurance On Me" RM '64? is on the "Beatles First" LP Polydor (UK) 52906. Thanks.

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