Saturday, April 10, 2010

Paul McCartney on George Martin and "All You Need Is Love"

"George Martin always has something to do with it, but sometimes more than others. For instance, he wrote the end of 'All You Need Is Love' and got into trouble because the 'In the Mood' bit was copyrighted. We thought of all the great cliches because they're a great bit of random. It was a hurried session and we didn't mind giving him that to do -- saying, 'There's the end, we want it to go on and on.' Actually, what he wrote was much more disjointed, so when we put all the bits together we said, 'Could we have "Greensleeves" right on top of that little Bach thing?' And on top of that we had the 'In the Mood' bit.

"George is quite a sage. Sometimes he works with us, sometimes against us. He's always looked after us. I don't think he does as much as some people think. He sometimes does all the arrangements and we just change them."

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