Sunday, April 04, 2010

George Harrison on the Beatles' Music

"Even now I look back and I can see, relative to a lot of other groups or pop music in general, the Beatles did have something. But that's relative to that. Relative to something else . . . I can accept whatever the Beatles were on those terms. But it's a bit too much to accept that we're supposedly the designers of this incredible change that occurred. In many ways we were just swept along with everybody else."
-November 1987

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david_b said...

I always enjoy George's perspective on things.. Always seems to be 'dead on' and accurate. A great foil to those of us who wish to put them on pedestals or somehow make them greater than what they really were.

They were of course better than most, perhaps (arguably) the best at the time, but as for events, cultural changes, etc.., they weren't anymore instigators of it than anyone else. They just resonated, and were just remembered better than all the others...