Monday, April 05, 2010

Les Condon on Recording "Got to Get You Into My Life"

"Apparently, they felt something extra was needed on the song 'Got to Get You Into My Life.' That's why we were there. As far as the arrangement goes, well, they hadn't anything written down, so we just listened to what they had and got an idea of what they wanted. Most of it went right the first time. We jotted down some voicings, but eventually everybody chipped in and the credit must be evenly divided. I suggested something for the trumpets for the ending and we dubbed it on with three trumpets. I didn't think it was quite strong enough, so we dubbed it on with three trumpets again. You'll really be hearing six trumpets in that coda. It was the most relaxing session I've ever been on. The Beatles all seemed like very nice fellows and, you know what, they kept asking us things!"

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