Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Two of Us: John Lennon & Paul McCartney Behind the Myth

by Geoffrey Giuliano
author of The Beatles Album, Dark Horse, and Blackbird

The relationship between John Lennon and Paul McCartney was the dynamic center of all that the Beatles did, of all they achieved as musicians and as cultural icons. Books about the Beatles abound, but none of these books have provided more than a cursory analysis of the relationship between these two men, and none have focused so intently on how this often tumultuous partnership affected their songwriting collaborations. Noted rock biographer Geoffrey Giuliano delves into the little-known details of John and Paul's rocky friendship to reveal how what was happening in their lives influenced their songs. He analyzes the songs and the albums, addressing each musician's respective contributions in writing and recording. In addition, Giuliano provides a discography, a chronology, and information on songs written for other artists and songs that were never released commercially. Two of Us is a unique in-depth look at the rise and fall of this complicated and contentious songwriting team.

Geoffrey Giuliano is a celebrity biographer, record producer, actor, and pop culture authority whose more than twenty previous books include The Beatles: A Celebration, Dark Horse: The Private Life of George Harrison, Blackbird: The Life and Times of Paul McCartney, The Beatles Album: Thirty Years of Music and Memorabilia, and, most recently, Behind Blue Eyes: The Life of Pete Townshend.

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