Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Lost Lennon Interviews

by Geoffrey and Brenda Giuliano

An exclusive collection of rare interviews and photographs revealing new insights into John Lennon's incredible life story--by the world's foremost authority on the Beatles.

1969 was the most productive and eventful year of John Lennon's life. It was during this period that he produced some of his greatest work with the Beatles, including Abbey Road and Let It Be, divorced Cynthia Lennon and married Yoko Ono, embarked on a new career with the Plastic Ono Band, struck out as a counterculture peace politician, and overcame a short-lived heroin addiction. It was also the year when the tension among the Beatles became intolerable.

This book features rare, exclusive interviews with Lennon during this period, as well as exclusive interviews with the other Beatles, Lennon's family--many of whom have never spoken publicly before--and other insiders, including Yoko Ono herself. Also included are thirty-two pages of rare and never-before-published photos of Lennon, as well as one of the last interviews he ever gave, just days before his tragic murder in 1980. Candid and provocative, this extraordinary book offers new insight into this timeless and troubled hero.

"Geoffrey Giuliano is rock 'n' roll literature."
--Charles Lennon (John Lennon's uncle)

"This guy knows more about my life than I do."
--George Harrison

Geoffrey Giuliano is the acclaimed author of numerous internationally bestselling music biographies, including The Beatles: A Celebration; John Lennon: My Brother (with co-author Julia Baird); Dark Horse: The Private Life of George Harrison; Blackbird: The Unauthorized Biography of Paul McCartney; and The Beatles Album: Thirty Years of Music and Memorabilia. Brenda Giuliano is coauthor of The Lost Beatles Interviews; Not Fade Away: The Rolling Stones Collection; and The Illustrated Series.

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