Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Lennon Companion: Updated and Expanded Edition

Edited by Elizabeth Thomson & David Gutman

"Hipsters and highbrows alike have their say in the ultimate John Lennon book." --Q

John Lennon lives on. Four decades after The Beatles invaded America in 1964, and more than twenty years after Lennon's death, his work continues to appeal across the generations.

Lennon (1940-1980) was no ordinary rock 'n' roller. He fancied himself as "the literary Beatle," an artist and campaigner for social justice. The musician who dared us to "give peace a chance," Lennon fractured the barriers between art and entertainment, demanding new approaches to music's role in the social order. His enduring legacy has promoted him to icon status in musical, literary, political, and religious circles.

A man shrouded in myth and controversy, John Lennon led a complex, enigmatic life. The Lennon Companion is the quintessential exploration of Lennon's life and work by a stellar list of writers including Tom Wolfe, Martin Amis, Gloria Steinem, Pauline Kael, and Philip Larkin--a pungent, insightful, and remarkably multidimensional look at the music, the myth, and the mystique.

Elizabeth Thomson and David Gutman have also edited The Bowie Companion and The Dylan Companion. They live in London.

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