Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Beatles Off The Record: Outrageous Opinions & Unrehearsed Interviews

By Keith Badman
Foreword by Hunter Davies

A portrait of The Beatles as they really were. The Beatles own revealing comments are matched by quotes from a wide range of contemporaries...from stagehands and rival bands to professional pundits and close friends.

This is the authentic feel of the 60s when John, Paul, George and Ringo progressed from being brash newcomers to universal fame as the ultimate pop band.

Noted Beatles expert Keith Badman has captured the exact flavour of the times by using contemporary quotes and organising them to tell a truly fascinating story.

The book stands as an authentic and candid record of a unique time in pop history. These are not fond memoirs recalled at leisure, these are the fresh and often unwary comments made by or about the Beatles while the Beatlemania phenomenon was in full swing.

The result is a brilliant verite history of pop culture's most famous quartet: The Beatles Off The Record.

Keith Badman, a lifelong Beatles fan, is a regular contributor to The Beatles Book monthly magazine and Record Collector. He was a consultant on The Beatles Anthology documentary series, and he has presented video shows at Beatles fan conventions throughout Europe.

Widely regarded among aficionados as a world authority on film footage of The Beatles and pop in general, Keith has spent years searching the globe for films and videos of The Beatles, both as a group and as individuals. He acted as archive consultant on all three series of the Granada/Channel 4 pop profile series My Generation, the BBC music history series Dancing In The Street, and various other televised rock documentaries.

Keith is the author of The Beatles After The Break-Up, 1970-2000, the highly acclaimed chronology of The Beatles' solo years. After The Break-Up was deemed 1999 Rock Book Of The Year by Record Collector magazine, while Q magazine placed the book amongst the 10 essential Beatles books ever published. He is also the co-author of Good Times Bad Times, a definitive diary of The Rolling Stones during the 60s; Quite Naturally, a biography of The Small Faces; and Empire Made: A Guide To Everything Mod.

A revealing portrait of the Beatles--much nearer the truth.

In the Sixties, before the legend was fully formed, The Beatles were sometimes unguarded and often indiscreet in their comments. Members of their entourage would express frank opinions that in later years they sometimes softened or denied altogether.

Now these original raw remarks have been unearthed and reassembled in a vivid new verbal documentary shot through with the authentic flavour of The Beatles in their heyday and the Sixties musical scene they dominated.

"Compared with some of The Beatles' later selective and polished or faulty and fading memories, this is much nearer the truth..."
Hunter Davies, The Beatles official biography.

Contains 32 pages of specially selected photographs.

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