Friday, June 13, 2008

The Beatles: A Diary

An intimate day by day history by Barry Miles

The world's most famous band existed officially for just ten years. Its extraordinary story has been the subject of countless books, films and articles. Now here at last is the definitive Beatles chronicle.

The Beatles: A Diary stands apart from all other Beatle books.

- Written by the legendary Miles, an intimate member of the Beatles' Sixties circle
- Containing an astonishingly detailed chronology of gigs, venues, quotes and memorable dates
- Exposing the unvarnished stories of the four band members, uncovering the quarrels, the sex and the drugs as well as the personal triumphs.

This is nothing less than a 30-year diary of The Beatles, beginning in wartime Liverpool and ending in the dying days of the swinging Sixties.

Few insiders know The Beatles' story like Miles. And no one has had access to anything like so much intimate detail. Far more than a simple chronology, The Beatles: A Diary is pop music's greatest success story told just as it happened -- with new insights and new authenticity.

For the world The Beatles were a gift -- the definitive Sixties group, reliable icons of their age to be pressed into service for whatever the fashionable agenda might be. Here, though, the high points and the daily routine of fame are presented just as life presented them to The Beatles -- day by day.

The result is the most revealing personal history of The Beatles ever written, fascinating for those who grew up with their music, and essential reading for anyone interested in rock's most influential phenomenon.

Fully illustrated with hundreds of colour and b&w pictures.

The Author
Paul McCartney acknowledges that it was Miles who introduced him to London's avant-garde scene. It was at Miles' London flat where McCartney first read William Burroughs and the beat poets, and heard experimental music. Miles' record collection of cutting edge jazz proved highly influential to The Beatles' development. When Miles opened Indica Books and Gallery and co-founded International Times, McCartney helped him support the ventures -- Indica was where John and Yoko would famously meet.

Miles is also the author of Many Years From Now, the best selling authorised biography of Paul McCartney.

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