Sunday, October 24, 2010


Ohio State Lantern - August 20, 1964

Back in the old days when Elvis Presley was king of the swinging hips, teenagers became uncontrollable at the sight of their idols.

But Presley in the mid-50s was only following the example set by the singing heart-throb Frank Sinatra in the 30s. It has been the tradition of American teenagers, or bobby-soxers as they were called in Sinatra's day, to attach themselves to a recording artist.

We are sure the singers don't mind, since the teenage devotion puts them in the six-figure income bracket.

Today's heart-throbbing, guitar-strumming, crazy-lyric-singing rock and roll idol is not one, but four: The Beatles.

The long lines in front of University-area theaters reflect their attraction for college students as well as the teenager.

There is little doubt that these four boys, badly in need of haircuts, are Britain's revenge for the 1776 revolution. There are some who say, "Better we shouldn't have revolted."

When Hannibal crossed the Alps to invade Italy during the Second Punic War, he took with him a small force of select troops, elephants and a full baggage train.

Britain is using only a four-man force, armed with guitars and drums--and it looks as if they may reconquer the colonies.

Anyone for "I Want to Hold Your Hand" as a national anthem?

Sandor M. Polster

Pamela J. Hollister
City Editor

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