Friday, October 29, 2010

New Beatle Disc Has Paul In Nude

November 15, 1968

Nudity--the pop world's latest fashion--has spread to Beatle Paul McCartney.

Paul appears in the all-together in a special montage included with the Beatles' new long-playing record to be released next week. A small snapshot shows him in his bathroom, standing behind a narrow pillar.

"You can't really see anything," Paul said Wednesday. "I don't really think the picture is offensive."

Also in the montage is a picture of John Lennon, shown sitting in the nude answering the telephone while his girl friend, Japanese actress Yoko Ono, is seen in bed alongside him.

The photograph is considerably less revealing than the one Lennon and Miss Ono chose for the cover of their experimental "Two Virgins" album.

Record companies refused to distribute the record. Now a small company, Tetragrammaton Records, has agreed to issue the disc in America providing it is sold inside a brown paper bag.

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