Sunday, September 12, 2010

George Harrison on Rishikesh, India

I had a strange experience when I was in Rishikesh. I went on a meditation course, where the object was to meditate deeper and deeper and deeper for longer periods of time. The goal is really to plug into the divine energy and to raise your state of consciousness and tune in to the subtler states of consciousness. And all these things, like walking on the water and de-materializing your body at will, are just the sort of things that happen along the way. It's hard to actually explain it, but it was just the feeling of consciousness traveling. I don't know where to; it wasn't up, down, left, right, but there was no body there. You don't feel as though you're missing anything, but, at the same time, the consciousness is complete.

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Anonymous said...

TY for posting this!!!! Wonderful clip! I love George! and the Beatles!