Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Paul McCartney on "Hey Jude"

"I happened to be driving out to see Cynthia Lennon. I think it was just after John and she had broken up, and I was quite mates with Julian. He's a nice kid, Julian. And I was going out in me car just vaguely singing this song, and it was like, 'Hey Jules.' I don't know why 'Hey Jules.' It was just this thing, you know, 'Don't make it bad/Take a sad song . . .' And then I just thought a better name was Jude. A bit more country and western for me.

"Once you get analyzing something and looking into it, things do begin to appear and things do begin to tie in. Because everything ties in, and what you get depends on your approach to it. You look at everything with a black attitude and it's all black."

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