Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Pattie Boyd's Beauty Tips #2: Let's Talk About Your Face

Now it's time to talk about your face--it's care and beauty treatment. First off, you all know that cleanliness is a prime requisite when it comes to having a pretty face. Many of us have skin problems from time to time, and may require special creams or medicated make-up to keep those pimples from "bubbling" up. Serious skin problems, such as acne, should be treated by a doctor. Oily skin and blackheads can be combatted on a personal level by washing your face at least twice a day with a mild soap (rinse thoroughly), and by watching your diet. Foods that invite pimples and oily skin are soda pop, fried things, chocolate and coconut. Just about all the things we really love, eh? Well, if you want to have pretty skin, you just may have to make a few sacrifices.

A girl with normal skin should not wear much make-up. It looks silly on a young teener, and the boys can't stand it. Here is what I do:

My skin is too far for a foundation cream, so I use only a little on my lips. I sort of make them the color of my face--and I'll tell you why later. If your skin isn't even-colored and fair, you may use a light foundation. You can buy good ones in the dime store. Drop a drop or two on the inside of your wrist right there in the store and see how well it blends in with your skin tone. After a bit of testing, you will surely find one that seems right for you.

Apply very little foundation to each cheek (with clean hands) and blend it into your skin with the gentle upward motions of your fingertips. It will take a little practice, but if you try you will soon have it down pat. If your skin is too oily for a foundation, I suggest a light powder or a fine coat of pancake make-up. This is put on with a damp sponge and should be exactly the color of your skin, so that it won't look like "make-up."

I have a roundish face, so the next thing I do is try to elongate my cheek lines. I have a large rouge brush which I lightly twirl in blush rouge and then gently dust some along each cheek just above the jaw bone. This gives the illusion of having a thinner, better-shaped face.

Now, let's get back to the lips. After eyes, this is the first thing a boy notices about a girl. As I told you before, I put natural foundation on my lips. Then I take a moist, natural pomade (you can buy it in tubes or in the jar) and lightly tap it on my lips. This makes them look completely natural, yet shiny. If I know I am going to be in a place where the lights are dim, I may use a little of the lightest pink lipstick I can find. Anything else looks ghastly on me.

As I said before, each of you will have to experiment a bit as you work out your own make-up problems. It's well worth the go, you know--and I wish you the best of look and lots of beauty!

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