Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 1, 1969 - Al Capp

Taped: Sunday 1 June 1969

John and Yoko's infamous conversation with cartoonist Al Capp, filmed at Hôtel Reine Elizabeth in Montréal.

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S Jansen said...

GOD, does Al Capp sound like a pompous old-school jerk! I thought that he might have some good observations, actually have a discussion about the bed-in...but no, he's obviously too hung up on long hair, or too pleased to be on film, or too stuck on himself...

“Capp was master of every technique postmodernists celebrate: juxtaposition, parody, satire, irony, intertextual referencing, bricolage, chaos, the surreal, the carnivalesque, the tragicomic slapstick of differences. In Li'l Abner, systems of logic and morality clashed... and from the resulting dreamscape of discourses came satirical comedy. Like all satire, the real and the fictive combined to produce grotesque offspring."—Rodger Brown, The Road To Hokum, 1994

Sounds like he and Lennon had more in common than he thought.