Saturday, May 02, 2009

Outtake of the Week: "What You're Doing" (Take 11)

I thought I'd begin this series with one of my favorite Beatle recordings. Hands down the best outtake from Beatles For Sale to ever come to light, this is an early version of "What You're Doing" that is quite different from how the final version turned out. It has some great singing from John and Paul in the verses (whereas the album version features only Paul singing) and was recorded before they came up with Ringo's drum pattern to introduce the song.

Here's how it was first described when it surfaced:
What You're Doing (stereo) (Recorded September 30, 1964)
A truly exciting never before issued item, the 11th take of this Beatles For Sale track which was temporarily marked "best" until the Beatles remade the song on October 26. It's a bit rough around the edges but features a slate, studio chat, full vocals from Paul & John, and includes a "false ending" which was not utilized in the final version.

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