Friday, May 01, 2009

April 8, 1975 - The Tomorrow Show

Taped: Tuesday 8 April 1975
Aired: Monday 28 April 1975

Later in the evening, (between 1:00 and 2:00am ET), John is interviewed by Tom Snyder for the programme, The Tomorrow Show. Such is the importance of an appearance by John that the entire 50-minute programme is given over to him and, during the final part of the show, his lawyer Leon Wildes. Snyder begins the interview recalling The Beatles' impact in America during their first visit in 1964, and visiting a concert in Philadelphia in 1965 where, he remembers: "So much screaming and so much carrying on." He asks John, "Did this bother you at all while you were doing these concerts, that people couldn't hear your music and that all they could hear was themselves screaming?"

John replies: "It got a little boring. It was great when it first happened, when you first come on, all you got was 'wah!' But then it became lip-synching, miming, sometimes things would break down and no one would know... It wasn't doing the music any good."

Tom: "As I recall, there were fan clubs or clubs of followers for each of the individuals in the organisations ..."

John (interrupting): "Well, it was mainly a 'Beatle-Club' but they fanned it out a little just to keep a..."

Tom (interrupting): "Now, I'm just wondering just how unified any group can be when the audience have certain favourites. Maybe they like Paul more than they like John..."

John (breaking into laughter): "That's true."

Tom: "I just wondered if it's awfully difficult to be friends. And do you really care about whether or not you're friends when you are a group such as The Beatles, or whether you are The Rolling Stones or whatever?"

John: "We didn't break up because we weren't friends. We just broke up out of sheer boredom, you know, and boredom creates tension."

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