Monday, November 03, 2008

Queen Says "No" To Pot-Smoking FBI Members



To: SACs, New York, Los Angeles

From: Director, FBI


On 4/22/70 a representative of the Department of State advised that the American Embassy in London had submitted information showing the captioned individuals planned to depart from London, England, on 4/23/70 via TWA Flight 761 which will arrive in Los Angeles at 7:15 local time. These individuals are affiliated with the Beatles musical group and Lennon will be traveling under the name Chambers while the Harrisons are using the name Masters.

Lennon and the Harrisons will remain in Los Angeles until 5/6/70 for business discussions with Capitol Records and other enterprises. They will travel to New York City on 5/7/70 for further business discussions and will return to London on or about 5/16/70.

Waivers were granted by the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Embassy was to issue visas on 4/22/70. In this case waivers were necessary in view of the ineligbility of these three individuals to enter the U.S. due to their reputations in England as narcotic users.

While Lennon and the Harrisons have shown no propensity to become involved in violent antiwar demonstrations, each recipient remain alert for any information of such activity on their part or for information indicating they are using narcotics. Submit any pertinent information obtained in form suitable for dissemination.

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