Saturday, November 08, 2008

Election Year Strategy Information Center

March 8, 1972

On March 1, 1972, a confidential source of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who has provided reliable information in the past, advised that Thomas Hayden, a convicted Chicago Seven conspiracy trial defendant, flew to the Washington, D.C. area on February 26, 1972, and met with Rennard Cordon Davis, another convicted Chicago Seven conspiracy trial defendant. These two individuals discussed the possibility of forming a group calling itself the "anti-war union". This was described as a coalition of individuals who, in the past, had shown leadership in various new left oriented organizations. The projected purpose of the anti-war union would be to formulate tactics in regard to movement actions during the 1972 election year primary elections, including confrontations with candidates during their speaking tours, and as a support base for the "arena stage" a recently coined description of the new left oriented "entertainment group" that would include John Winston Lennon, former Beatles rock singer, and his wife, Yoko Ono, and function as a stimulus to encourage youths to be in the vicinity of election candidates when they are on tour.

The source indicated that currently the following organizational titles coined by Rennard Davis and his followers appears to be synonymous, and will be functioning toward the general goal of candidate harrassment and general disruption during the 1972 election year: arena stage, Internatioanl News Service, Election Year Strategy Information Center (Office), the youth contingent of the Peopl's Coalition for Peace and Justice.

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