Thursday, October 30, 2008

Best of the Beatles - Pete Best: Mean, Moody and Magnificent

Label: Lightyear

One of the original Beatles, Pete Best--who was famously replaced by Ringo Starr just before the quartet exploded into the spotlight--shares his vivid memories of the band's early days in this illuminating program. With a sharp memory and a surprising lack of bitterness, Best fondly recalls the band's formation and early gigs in Germany and Liverpool. Dozens of others involved in that scene are also interviewed here, and the result is a detailed and complete portrait of an important, exhilarating, and creative time in musical history.

On the DVD
Decca Sessions - the truth revealed
Hamburg revisited
Never Say Die
Love Me Do with Andy White
Life After the Beatles 1962-68
Band on the Road
Original (a work in progress)

DVD Chapters
Disc #1 -- Best of the Beatles: Pete Best - Mean, Moody and Magnificent
1. Part One/Opening [7:09]
2. Casbah Coffee Club [20:49]
3. Hamburg [19:58]
4. Liverpool/Beatlemania [9:33]
5. Hamburg/Tony Sheridan/Polydor [13:44]
6. Liverpool/Merseybeat Poll/Brian Epstein [3:46]
7. Decca Sessions [15:56]
8. Hamburg/Star Club [4:16]
9. EMI/Abbey Road [4:25]
10. The Dismissal of Pete Best [16:34]
11. Outro [3:41]

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itsthatguy said...

Pete Best has a new CD out called "Haymans Green" all new Original songs written by him and his band. It's basically his life story in music and is shockingly good. Best album I've heard in years. Any Beatles fan will love it. You can get it at lightyear or amazon.