Friday, August 22, 2008

With the Beatles

by Alistair Taylor

"A stunning insight by the man who was with the band every step of the way."
Mail on Sunday

When we went to the Palace to get the Beatles their OBEs John Lennon had some acid with him. 'I'm gonna slip it into the Queen's tea' he told me, 'I want to open her mind and try to get her to declare war on somewhere nice and warm so we can all go and fight on the beaches.'

After Jane Asher dumped Paul McCartney he literally used to cry on my shoulder. We hit the bottle together. Hard. 'I had everything and I threw it away,' he would say.

Alistair Taylor was with the Beatles from the moment they signed with Brian Epstein. In fact, apart from the Fab Four's names, his is the only other name on the contract.

Since that moment he travelled, partied, ate, and even holidayed with them until the beginning of the group's spectacular break up. As the group's 'Mr Fixit' he settled paternity cases, bought islands, houses and estates and took care of John, Paul, George and Ringo when their lifestyle got a little too lively.

He was privy to all the secrets we were never supposed to know. Now for the first time he reveals what it was really like to ride the rollercoaster that was the sixties with the Beatles.

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