Monday, August 25, 2008

The Beatles - Casualties

Label: Dr. Ebbetts, SPRO-9469

1 Please Please Me
There are two versions of this song with a different vocal track. Capitol has previously released only the version on which John mistakenly sings the lyric "I Know I never even try girl" in the last verse of the song. Presented here is the version containing the correct lyrics 1:57

2 I Want To Hold Your Hand
The Beatles first mega-hit in the United States has not been previously issued in stereo in U.S. 2:21

3 Money
Here is the original "true mono" mix of the song. Not previously issued in the U.S. 2:45

4 A Hard Day's Night
Another huge hit - not previously issued in stereo in the U.S. 2:28

5 I'll Cry Instead
Presented here for the first time anywhere, is the true stereo version of the unedited song 2:03

6 Ticket To Ride
Another smash hit, not previously released in stereo in the U.S. 3:03

7 Yes It Is
Here is the version as it appears on the single 2:38

8 Day Tripper
Two different stereo mixes were made of this song. The version issued in most countries is the same one used on the "Yesterday and Today" LP (ST-2553). This is the alternate mix which was issued in England and Japan 2:45

9 I'm Only Sleeping
Presented her is an alternate mono mix of the song, available previously only on an EP issued in France. The backwards guitar sounds on this version appear in different portions of the song. 2:57

10 Strawberry Fields Forever
An alternate stereo mix. issued in several foreign countries 4:02

11 I Am The Walrus
This version features only the four Beatles playing together, prior to overdubbing studio musicians and sound effects. Not available to the public before now. 4:30

12 Only A Northern Song
Previously available in the U.S. (on the "Yellow Submarine" album, SW-153) 3:20

13 Revolution
mono mix, previously issued on Capitol single 2276 3:21

14 Her Majesty
Here is the previously unreleased complete recording with the ending intact 0:24

15 Let It Be
Rare mono mix 3:47

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