Sunday, June 01, 2008

Beatle News

Change Around

The Beatles plan to switch their instruments around for at least one of their numbers in their Christmas show at the Hammersmith Odeon.

Paul is going to play piano, John is going to take over bass guitar and George is going to play rhythm guitar instead of lead. At present, Ringo still plans to stay on drums.

Shortage of Shirts

Whilst the boys were touring in Scotland recently, they stayed at The Four Seasons Hotel near Loch Earn.

Their road manager, Neil Aspinall, sent all their shirts to the Laundry to be cleaned, but when he rang the laundry the following day they told him that they wouldn't be able to send them back until the following Friday.

Luckily they buy all their shirts from a shop in Glasgow and Neil was able to get the owner to open up his store and give him four more stage shirts.

But, until he got their laundry back, he had to wash the four shirts each night and everyone thought he was joking when he asked for a bar of soap and to be directed to the washbasin so that he could rinse them out!

Home Recording Studio

John is having his new house completely redecorated, and one of the rooms is being equipped as a small recording studio. In the future, he wants to make demos of new songs in the comfort of his own home.

Beatle Car Parade

The boys could start an excellent, plushy car hire service with their impressive line-up of combustion engines on wheels.

Paul has a blue Aston Martin and a white Mini; George has a grey E-Type Jaguar and a green Mini; John has taken delivery of a Rolls Royce and still keeps his white Mini; Ringo has just bought a Facel-Vega and also thinking of buying an Imp.

They use their small cars for whipping around Central London, particularly when they're popping over to see each other or to meet before going on a date. They keep their big cars for long journeys.

Lancaster to Ringo

While Ringo was in America he met Burt Lancaster who promised to send him some real shootin' guns. They haven't turned up yet but Ringo got a telegram last week which read:


Wrong Size

While the Beatles were in America, they had a load of clothes, cameras and equipment taken by fans, or by others, to be sold as souvenirs.

Their Press Officer, Derek Taylor, reports that his shirt was one of the items missing after staying in one hotel, but recently the collar was returned to him. The reason he got it back was because it had the wrong size stamped on it, which any Stateside Beatle fan knows wouldn't fit a Beatle.

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