Sunday, June 01, 2008

Beatle News

Indian Incident

George tells us that while he was in India at the end of last year, he had a nasty road accident. No, he didn't hit another car, but a bullock cart! After the crash, he got out of his car and dashed over to see if the bullock itself was all right. Fortunately, it appeared to be O.K. and, as far as he knows, recovered completely.

Great Friends

The Beatles got on famously with Monkees Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith and Davy Jones, when they visited this country during February. Paul was first off by inviting Micky, and road-manager Ric Klein over to his St. John's Wood home as soon as they arrived. Many of you will have seen the photo, which appeared in the "Daily Mirror" the next morning, of Micky and Paul sitting in front of "Solo" in Paul's music room. John, also, lent the boys his Rolls Royce when they had trouble with their car. And, of course, the Monkees went to that special recording, when Paul conducted a large orchestra.

New Nanny

Cynthia Lennon was looking for a nanny for their son Julian. When the Lennons had dinner one evening with Peter Cook and his wife at their Hampstead home, Cyn found Sally Bulloch. Eighteen-year-old Sally used to be nanny to the Cooks' two young children. Cynthia felt that Sally was just the right person and offered her the job. But John had different views. He believes that it is a wife's duty to bring up children, so Sally didn't get the job. Instead of moving into the Lennons' beautiful Surrey home, she flew off to Malta in search of work. But she still hopes that John will change his mind.

Julian who is now five years old, is going to school now at Heath House in Weybridge near to John's home.

Present for George

George bought several little trinket boxes, beautifully decorated by Indian craftsmen, while he was in India studying the sitar under Ravi Shankar, and posted them home to himself. They were only recently delivered to his Esher home.

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Rachael said...

Yes you are right about Micky Dolenz and Mike Nesmith re meeting the Beatles. It was in February of 1967. I think at this time is also when Micky met his first wife Samantha Juste, who was a record spinner for Top of the Pops then......Micky has said in interviews he was so awestruck at meeting Paul that he brought an autograph book for him to sign! And that he was invited to a recording session of "Good Morning" the next day. Mike was at the filming of a video for "A Day In The Life". This video is on youtube if one searches. Somewhere close to the end of it, one can briefly see Mike talking to John.