Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Beatles - From Then to You Deluxe

Label: Purple Chick, PC-152

"From Then To You"
The Beatles Christmas Record, 1970
1: The Beatles Christmas Record
2: Another Beatles Christmas Record
3: The Beatles Third Christmas Record
4: Pantomime: “Everywhere It's Christmas”
The Beatles Fourth Christmas Record
5: Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
The Beatles Fifth Christmas Record
6: Happy Christmas 1968
The Beatles Sixth Christmas Record
7: Happy Christmas 1969
The Beatles Seventh Christmas Record

26 October, 1964
8: Hello Dolly
9: Speech (take 1)
10: Speech (take 2)
11: Speech (take 3)
12: Speech (take 4)
13: Speech (take 5)

19 October, 1965
14: The Lost Christmas Message
15: The Lost Christmas Message II

6 December, 1966
16: Messages for Radio London and
Radio Caroline

November, 1968
17: Jock And Yono
18: Once Upon A Pool Table

single edit
19: Christmas Time (Is Here Again)

bonus tracks
20: ITV News Interview
21: A Saturday Club Christmas
22: Newsreel Interview
23: Christmas Show Interview

We chose not to include the so-called ‘alternate edit’ of the 1964 Christmas message as it’s not really official. Bits were cut out of the take for use in the Abbey Road Video Show. They were reinserted in the wrong spot. Instead, we edited the take announcement, together with the slightly longer beginning and end on to the released version. We figure those who care enough to have the two different versions already have them.

You can find more versions of Christmas Time (Is Here Again) on our Magical Mystery Year Deluxe Edition.

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