Friday, February 17, 2006

Here, There And Everywhere


AUTHORSHIP McCartney (.8) and Lennon (.2)
This song had its genesis in John's sleeping patterns. Paul arrived at Kenwood for a songwriting session and John was still in bed. Since it was a nice June day, Paul asked someone to make him a cup of tea and went to sit by John's swimming pool while he waited.

McCARTNEY: "I sat out by the pool on one of the sun chairs with my guitar and started strumming in E, and soon had a few chords, and I think by the time he'd woken up, I had pretty much written the song, so we took it indoors and finished it up. But it's very me, it's one of my favourite songs that I've written. Jazz people used to pick it up because they like the chord structure.
"'Here, There And Everywhere' has a couple of interesting structural points about it: lyrically the way it combines the whole title: each verse takes a word. 'Here' discusses here. Next verse, 'there' discusses there, then it pulls it all together in the last verse, with 'everywhere'. The structure of that is quite neat. And I like the tune. John might have helped with a few last words. When I sang it in the studio I remember thinking, 'I'll sing it like Marianne Faithfull'; something no one would never know. You get these little things in your mind, you think, 'I'll sing it like James Brown might', but of course it's always you that sings it, but in your head there's a little James Brown for that session. If you can't think how to sing the thing, that's always a good clue: imagine Aretha Franklin to come and sing it, Ray Charles is going to sing it. So that one was a little voice, I used an almost falsetto voice and double-tracked it. My Marianne Faithfull impression. So I would credit me pretty much 80-20 on that one." Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now

June 14, 1966, at Abbey Road, with overdubs added June 16 and 17

McCARTNEY: acoustic guitar, lead vocal (double-tracked)
LENNON: backing vocal
HARRISON: lead guitar, backing vocal
STARR: drums

LENNON: "This was a great one of his." Hit Parader (April 1972)

LENNON: "One of my favourite songs of the Beatles." September 1980, All We Are Saying: The Last Major Interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono

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