Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Beatles: Fifty Fabulous Years

by Robert Rodriguez

It has been fifty years since John, Paul, and George named themselves the Beatles and soon after recruited Ringo Starr. The Beatles: Fifty Fabulous Years includes fascinating and little-known stories, never-before-published photographs, and nostalgic memorabilia.

The Beatles: Fifty Fabulous Years is an interactive e-reading product that captures John, Paul, George, and Ringo like never before. Released for the Amazon Kindle App and Kindle Store, the product features fascinating and rare clips, little-known stories, amazing interviews, and photographs. The pandemonium of Beatlemania is brought to life, from madcap movies, interviews with each of the Fab Four, and footage of delirious fans.

iPad Edition
Video Documentary by Les Krantz

A complimentary documentary, "The Beatles: The Golden Age," is woven throughout the vook's narrative and captures the pandemonium of Beatlemania, from their delirious fans and madcap movies to interviews with each of the Fab Four.


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