Monday, March 07, 2011

John Lennon on "Golden Slumbers"

"That's Paul's, apparently from a poem that he found in a book, some eighteenth-century book where he just changed words here and there . . . He laid the strings on after we had finished most of the basic tracks. I personally can't be bothered with strings and things. I like to do it with the group, or electronics, you know. I can't be bothered with the hassles of the musicians and all that bit, you know. It's such a drag trying to get them together, but Paul digs that. So, that's his scene, and it was up to him where he went with the violins, really, and what he did with them. I think he just wanted a straight kind of backing, you know, nothing freaky . . . White Trash has just done a cover of 'Golden Slumbers.' They made quite a good version of that. It's pretty similar to the track we did, except they've done some nice things with a big organ, a church organ playing a solo. They've done it quite gutsy."

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