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"I Call Your Name"

"I Call Your Name" is a song by The Beatles written primarily by John Lennon and credited to Lennon/McCartney.


Lennon wrote the song prior to the formation of The Beatles. In 1963, he gave the song to Billy J. Kramer of The Dakotas, another Liverpool band who was signed to Parlophone by George Martin. Kramer released it as the B-side of the single "Bad to Me", another Lennon/McCartney composition.

Lennon was reportedly dissatisfied with the Dakotas' arrangement of his song as well as its position as the single's B-side, so The Beatles recorded and released it on the 1964 Long Tall Sally EP. The song's middle eight is the Beatles' first attempt at ska.


* John Lennon – vocal, rhythm guitar
* Paul McCartney – bass
* George Harrison – lead guitar
* Ringo Starr – drums
* George Martin – producer
* Norman Smith – engineer


* The Mamas & The Papas covered "I Call Your Name" in 1966 on their debut album If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears. In their version of the song, which they perform as more of a ballad than a rocker, Mama Cass calls out for John (Lennon) as a way of acknowledging Lennon for writing the song, or it's a reference to group member John Phillips. The group closes the song with, "I call your name... ye-ah!" The Beatles were well-known for the phrase "Yeah, yeah, yeah" from "She Loves You."

* Ringo Starr recorded a version of the song for a television special marking the 10th anniversary of John Lennon's death and the 50th anniversary of his birth. The track, produced by Jeff Lynne, features a supergroup composed of Lynne, Tom Petty, Joe Walsh & Jim Keltner.

Single by Billy J. Kramer with The Dakotas
A-side: "Bad to Me" (Lennon/McCartney)
B-side: "I Call Your Name"
Released: 26 July 1963
Recorded: 26 June 1963 (both sides)
Genre: Pop music, Beat music
Label: Parlophone R5049
Writer(s): Lennon/McCartney
Producer: George Martin

Song by The Beatles
Released: 19 June 1964
Recorded: 1 March 1964
Producer: George Martin


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