Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dick James on the Writing of "Ticket to Ride"

"It was four months ago, during rehearsals for the Beatles' Christmas Show at the Hammersmith Odeon, that I sat with Paul in the stalls, watching some of the other acts. Then, he sang a few snatches of melody to me, which he and John had in mind for future songs. Soon after, John started on the same tunes that Paul had just been singing. 'There's a title I've got in mind,' John said to me, 'which I can't get rid of. She's got a ticket to ride.' I liked the phrase, for it was a slightly more original idea than usual for expressing goodbye and parting. I encouraged John to work at it and the matter then passed into the back of my mind. Then, one evening, two months ago, in February, when John joined George Martin for a skiing holiday in Switzerland, John borrowed a guitar from their skiing instructor and strummed through a tune."

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