Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rain on Broadway

In 1964, a group of boys from Liverpool changed the face of rock "n" roll. This fall on Broadway, join the 1.5 million fans who've already relived their incredible journey at the multi-media concert tribute with the one band that truly incarnates The Beatles... Rain.

Together longer than The Beatles themselves, RAIN has mastered every song, gesture and nuance of the legendary foursome, delivering a totally live, note-for-note performance that's as infectious as it is transporting. From the early hits to the later classics that The Beatles never got the chance to play live, this adoring tribute will take you back to a time when all you needed was love, and a little help from your friends!

The show will be performed live and will include the following musicians: Joey Curatolo, Joe Bithorn, Ralph Castelli, Steve Landes and Mark Lewis.

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