Sunday, December 05, 2010

Glyn Johns on Allen Klein and Let It Be

"In my opinion Allen Klein was a disaster area altogether. He wrecked that film. It could have been an extremely good film, and it was directly as a result of his involvement with it that it wasn't, in my opinion. There clearly was a lot of humour, and the feeling that was on the original record existed on film. It could have been magnificent. I mean, they actually filmed an enormous amount of footage, and that was probably the problem. That they actually had so much. And it wasn't directed well. There was no continuity on a lot of it, and all the rest. There were hours and hours and hours--weeks and weeks of film--with no continuity, no direction, and God knows what else, so a lot of it obviously was unusable. However, I did see the very first rough cut of the film, which was extremely good. But Allen Klein saw it evidently and said he only wanted to see the four Beatles. He didn't want to see anybody else in it. Which is a bit difficult in a documentary when everybody and their mother was wandering around."

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