Tuesday, December 21, 2010

George Harrison on Paul McCartney, 1969

"He will go his own particular way in 1970. He's got that incredible combination of knowing exactly what kind of music to write, with lovely melody and the result is always bang up to date and commercial in the nicest aspect of the word. He can't go wrong."


Mainly Echo said...

What a great comment from George. Thanks for posting it!

MJ said...

Yes thank you! I absolutely love Georgie :)
I was actually reading on another site a couple days ago that Paul and George weren't the best of friends. I am glad you shared George's comment and the video. It's funny to see them goofing around with each other.


Mainly Echo said...

Well, they were best friends in Liverpool in the early days, but I guess there was a lot of friction between them later... Nevertheless, in the Anthology albums there are some demos of George´s that were assisted and accompanied by Paul in the late 60s

denn1s said...

i love this comment!
(author of 'in the studio with the beatles')

Baby Face said...

aww, that is so adorable! George is my favourite, Paul is my second. aww they're so cute! :)