Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Beatles' Comments on the Rooftop Concert

Recorded January 30, 1969

George: If anybody wants to sing and play on their roof, what's the law say as to why you can't do that?

John: Disturbing the peace.

George: How disturbing the peace?

Paul: Peace means like peace, the noise, they think peace is noise.

John: Well, they may as well ban planes and cars.

Michael Lindsay-Hogg: Disturbing the peace mans traffic jams, people, planes, that sort of thing.

John: With a bit of doctoring, we'll be good. I missed a line on "Don't Let Me Down." Can you use another shot?

Paul: We'll edit it.

George Martin: It's come off actually much better than I thought it would.

John: Yes, just the whole scene is fantastic!

George Martin: As Michael was saying, this is a very good dry run for something else too, apart from the value of its own as it stands.

George: Yeah, I think for taking over London.

John: Try the Hilton tomorrow.

George Martin: The idea is, we'll have a whole squadron of helicopters flying over London with loud, mounted speakers underneath them, you see.

John: That's fantastic, yeah.

George: And every rock group in the world, in London, all on top of the buildings playing the same tunes.

Michael Lindsay-Hogg: This will edit fine, because we've got all the cops, which we covered downstairs as well. The bad thing was that not enough people in the street could see us. Is there a concert next week? What are you feeling about today? Do you want to work more today or not?

Paul: Yes, we should record the others now.

Michael Lindsay-Hogg: We've got to get the stuff down first.

George: We'll have a break for a bit.

Paul: We'll have lunch and that and then we'll record the other stuff we didn't do up there. The acoustic stuff.

George: There won't be more rooftops.

Paul: No more rooftops. That was the rooftop. That's it, but we'll do it down here and you'll sort of film it and clap us like the rooftop.

George: If we got the police, we could pretend in the film that we had to get down because of them and that here we are doing it.

John: It's just the way it happened. It'll just be it.

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