Sunday, November 07, 2010

Ringo Starr on "Octopus's Garden"

"Things were getting a bit rough, and I'd left the Beatles for a couple of weeks because I couldn't take it any more. So I went on holiday with my family to Sardinia. A friend lent us a boat, and one day the captain served us some octopus for lunch. Naturally, we all went, 'Urrgghh-ah! No thanks. Have you got any egg and chips?' But I started talking to the captain, and he told me all about octopuses, how they go 'round the sea-bed and pick up stones and shiny objects and build gardens. I thought, How fabulous! Because at the time, I just wanted to get out of it for a while. Of course, I ended up going back to the group because I couldn't play with anyone better. But that's how 'Octopus's Garden' came about."
-April 1981

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