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The Beatles Anthology - Episode Three

All songs are written by Lennon/McCartney and performed by The Beatles, unless otherwise noted.

Episode Three (February '64 to July '64) - 1:12:56

"Miami! That was just like paradise because we'd never been anywhere with palm trees." - Paul McCartney

1. Arrival In The U.S. – February 1964 [10:00]
* Help! - Title song played at the beginning of each episode.
* Footage of the Beatles arriving at the Kennedy Airport in New York, 7 February 1964. Voice of Beatles Manager Brian Epstein can be heard saying – "If there was a turning point in their carrier, a specific date on which the scope of their future was to be altered, then it was the day they touched down at Kennedy International New York to a welcome seldom equalled anywhere in history."
* Pride and Joy (Whitfield-Gaye-Stevenson) - Performed by Marvin Gaye.
* Excerpts of telephone conversation between BBC Radio's Brian Matthew and the group
2. First Appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show [3:55]
* All My Loving – Footage of the Beatles' first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in New York, 9 February 1964.
* Paul remarking later: “It's still supposed to be the largest viewing audience ever in the States”.
* Footage of a congratulatory telegram from Elvis Presley and Colonel Tom Parker
* George commenting later: "... they said there was the least reported, or no reported crime. Even the criminals had a rest for ten minutes while we were on."
3. The Coliseum Concert – Washington D.C. [10:29]
* Footage of the Beatles performing at the Washington Coliseum on 11 February 1964:
o "She Loves You"
o "I Saw Her Standing There"
o "Please Please Me"
4. Reception at the British Embassy [1:08]
* Footage of the Beatles’ reception at the British Embassy in Washington on 11 February 1964.
5. Miami Beach [3:00]
* I'll Follow the Sun – Played over a montage of still photographs of the group's visit to Miami Beach.
6. Second Appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show [3:54]
* Footage from rehearsals for The Ed Sullivan Show, Miami, 16 February, 1964
* This Boy – Excerpts from the Beatles’ second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.
* "These youngsters from Liverpool, England … Their conduct over here, not only as fine professional singers but as a group of fine youngsters will leave an imprint with everyone over here who has met them." — Ed Sullivan
7. Return to England [1:59]
* I Want to Hold Your Hand – Footage of the Fab Four returning to England and meeting the press at the London Airport on 22 February 1964.
8. "They’re Going to Put Us in the Movies" [2:56]
* Paul: "… I’m talking about this progression with the Beatles. From the Stevedores’ and Dockers’ Union, the Cavern, better clubs. So films was one that we’d always thought of. ... We were interested in films and what happened was Brian started talking to people, knowing of our interest and he came up with Dick Lester's name."
* Footage from the classic comedy short film Running Jumping Standing Still, directed by Richard Lester.
* Paul: "… Dick came round. He was a bit of a musician, played jazz piano, so he was even more interesting. … He got hold of Alun Owen, a Welsh playwright who’d written Last Tram to Lime Street. … He picked up little quotes like 'He's very clean, isn’t he?' He picked up the jokes and sarcasm, the Beatle humour, John's wit and each one of us, Ringo's laconic humour. He picked up our characters, which was good."
9. Filming A Hard Day's Night [10:54]
* Footage from the film A Hard Day's Night, including the following songs:
o A Hard Day's Night
o I Should Have Known Better
o If I Fell
o Can’t Buy Me Love - the film version merged with the NME Poll Winners’ Concert version
10. In His Own Write [3:00]
* Footage from the television program Not Only But Also, where John Lennon reads from his book In His Own Write.
* Photographs of The Daily Howl, a daily comic drawn by John Lennon in his school days.
11. World Tour 1964 [14:45]
* Footage of an interview with Derek Taylor, the Beatles’ press liaison, regarding his visit to Torquay accompanying Brian Epstein while he was writing A Cellarful of Noise.[clarification needed]
* Footage of a discussion of Ringo Starr's temporary replacement by Jimmy Nicol due to Ringo's tonsillitis during the World Tour of 1964.
o Long Tall Sally (Johnson-Blckwell-Penniman) – Footage of the group performing in the Netherlands on 5 June 1964.
o I'll Be Back - Played over footage of the group's visit to the Netherlands and their arrival in Hong Kong on 8 June 1964.
o Any Time at All – Played over footage of the group's arrival in Sydney, Australia, on 11 June 1964.
* Footage of the Beatles’ performance at the Festival Hall, Melbourne, on 17 June 1964
o All My Loving
o You Can't Do That
12. World Premiere of A Hard Day's Night [2:14]
* "A Hard Day's Night" – Played over footage of the world premiere of the film A Hard Day's Night in London on 6 July 1964.
13. Liverpool Homecoming [5:42]
* Things We Said Today – Played over footage of the Beatles’ homecoming to Liverpool on 10 July 1964.
* I'll Be Back (Demo version) – Played over the credits.


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