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The Beatles Anthology - Episode Four

Episode Four (August '64 to August '65) - 1:10:33

"She (The Queen) seemed pleasant enough, you know; made us relax." - John Lennon

1. First Major U.S. Tour – Summer, 1964 [9:12]
* Help! - Title song played at the beginning of each episode.
* Rock and Roll Music (Berry)
* Footage of the Beatles performing at The Hollywood Bowl on 23rd August 1964 —
o All My Loving
o She Loves You
2. Meeting Bob Dylan [3:01]
* Footage of discussions on Bob Dylan and his music:
o Paul: “He was our idol.”
o Ringo: “Bob was our hero. … I heard of Bob through John. He played the records to me. It was just great.”
o George: “Not an idol but we heard his record; we’d listen to his album. It really gave us a buzz and we played it over and over again. … I think he was Freewheelin’.”
o John: “We loved Bob Dylan.”
* Footage of live performance of Bob Dylan —
o The Times They Are a-Changin' (Dylan)
o A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Dylan)
3. The Pressures of Touring [6:13]
* Slow Down (Williams) – Played in the background of footage of the Beatles returning from America, photographed at the London Airport on 21 September 1964, where they played 32 shows in 34 days in 24 different cities.
4. Feedback – “I Feel Fine” [3:50]
* I Feel Fine – The group discussing the use of sound effects like feedback in their music:
o George Martin: “John had mucked around with feedback for a while. Yes, it was intentional. … I think it was the first time that feedback was used on a record. … It was his idea, it was great.”
o George: “He figured out how to do it. We used to do it on stage then. … In a way, he invented Jimi Hendrix.”
o Paul: “It probably was, actually.”
5. Recording “Beatles for Sale” [8:49]
* Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey (Leiber-Stoller/Penniman) – Footage from the Shindig TV Show, London
* I'm a Loser – Footage from live performance at the Palais des Sports, Paris
* Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby (Perkins) – Footage from live performance at the Palais des Sports, Paris
6. Filming “Help!’ [14:27]
* Footage from the film Help! showing glimpses of various episodes, and, playing the following songs:
o Another Girl
o The Night Before
o You're Going to Lose That Girl
o You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
o Help! (Live on the Big Night Out TV show, Blackpool)
7. "Yesterday" [5:09]
* Footage from the Big Night Out TV show, Blackpool – the Beatles’ only British television appearance to promote Help! ... and the first solo stage performance of Yesterday. Recorded and broadcast on Sunday, 1st August, 1965 from the ABC Theatre, Blackpool from 9:10 to 10:05 p.m.
o "Yesterday"
o "I'm Down"
8. NME Poll Winners’ Concert – 11 April 1965 [2:00]
* "I Feel Fine"
* "She's a Woman"
9. George Talks About His Songs [4:07]
* George: "They’d been writing since we were at school. They’d written all – or most of their bad songs before we got into the recording studio. I had to come from nowhere and start writing and to have something at least quality enough to put in the record with all their wondrous hits."
* "Act Naturally" (Russell-Morrison) (Live on the Big Night Out TV show, Blackpool) — “Now something we don’t often do. Give someone a chance to sing who doesn’t often sing. And here he is. All out of key and nervous, singing 'Act Naturally'." — Intro by Ringo
10. "Ticket to Ride" [2:44]
* Ticket to Ride - Footage of two versions of the song, the live version at Blackpool and the taped TV promotional film version, are merged with one another.
11. The Beatles Receive The MBE From The Queen [11:01]
* "Eight Days a Week" - Played behind the footage of people storming gates of the Buckingham Palace, London on the day of the Beatles receiving the MBEs from the Queen.
* "If You've Got Trouble" (Take 1) - Played while showing the credits.


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